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 Now that it seems as the world is opening up again this can only mean more travels.  There are several things I have seen in the airport that make me cringe and feel bad for the traveler.  All I could think is, if only that person had this or knew that.  So in hopes to help you not be that person at the airport lets I will be sharing tips and items that have made my travel experience enjoyable.

Las Vegas


So I turned 30...back in September haha

I did not want to completely not post this Vegas trip even though it happened six months ago.  

As it is now a tradition for my birthday, we went on a trip.  Last year we went to Charleston SC, the year before Oaxaca, Mexico and the previous one we did Paris, France, oh and Miami, Florida the one before lol, not to forget NYC for my 23rd birthday.  Blessed to have visited so many unique and extraordinary places on such a special day for me.  

This year I decided to do something here in the USA.  My vision was to go glamping aka camping in glamour style, at Under Canvas in Arizona/Utah.  Since we would have to land in Vegas airpot I said why not spend a couple nights in Vegas.



For two years Holbox, Mexico had been on "must visit" list and in late 2019 my friend and I booked ourselves a trip to Holbox.  Then 2020 realness hit hard and thus our trip first was cancelled.  For 8 months all my travel plans were cancelled.  I learned to appreciate being home more but oh boy did my mental health suffered from not being able to travel freely.

January 2021 we decided we were going to go for it.  By this time new travel guidelines and rules have been established.  We felt safe traveling, of course while taking all precautions.  So we went for it! In February we traveled to Holbox and Tulum and it was just as I had envisioned it! We loved every second of this trip. So let's chat about it.

10 Things I Learned in 2020


what I learned in 2020

CHEERS to you 2021! 

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