Five "Tricks" to save money at Bath&BodyWorks


Ok, so lets be honest, who does not like to shop?  I do, and that is no news to my friends
 and family.  Although shopping is always fun, I try to be a smart shopper in hopes to save some mula($) .  So in today's post you will learn a few "tricks" that will hopefully help you save a few bucks next time you go shopping.  oh yea!  :)
    I am almost sure that everyone has been in this store and if you have not please do yourself a favor and GO!  my friend recently told me that I am a candle hoarder and I agree!   I also love their body wash, lotions, massage oils, treatment lines, well pretty much everything! With Fall season just around the corner (Sep 22nd) what better way then to get warm and cozy  drinking some hot chocolate with your favorite fall aroma candle burning while watching your favorite T.V show with your significant other.  Talk about getting warm. 

               1.  Very often B&BW will have three-wick candles on sale :  2 X $22 {the price of 1}
             After the first two, every extra candle you get costs $11, so you can do 3 x $33 and 
 so on. . .

            2.  You have a smart phone? then use it wisely.  I always go on safari and search "bath and body works coupons" I scroll down to find my favorite website (look here) and search for coupons that I can easily show at checkout.  It can range from getting a free mini candle to receiving a free item with a min $10 purchase.  

              3.  Do not toss away any receipt!! LOOk at the very bottom and you will notice that there is a survey you can complete and receive $10 OFF your next $30 purchase.  So what I usually do is purchase candles when they are on sale (2x22) and I get 3 candles for the price of 1!

             2 candles for $22 plus an additional candle so $33 - $10 OFF {from my coupon }= $22! :) 

            4.  Combine sales with coupons; Some stores do not allow this but in this store babe you can rock that! For example, when they have the Sale "buy 3, get 3 free" & depending on what you are getting you could save so much and still get either $10 OFF, or an item for free, etc... 

            5.  Save the coupons they give you at your checkout time.  They usually have coming up sales or special offers.  Sometime they even have codes for online free shipping or special day events for example, Mothers Day, etc...

Quick DIY: Remember to save the empty candle jar, its a great makeup brush holder :)




Copyright Maggiie Martinez.