Final Results of Tiny Teatox


Welcome back ladies, and perhaps gentleman as well.  I hope you are all staying warm this chilly week, don't you just love it?  I do :)

So you may be thinking; what in the world it has not been 28 days yet?, and you are absolutely right!!
I decided to cut back the days from 28 to 14.  The reason? simple, because I feel that I have had enough of drinking tea three times a day, every day!!  So lets get right into the important stuff shall we....

What my experience was like?

Well I felt absolutely no discomfort what so ever.  No "accidents" and certainly no weird abdominal discomfort.  I do have to say that I was peeing like crazy and if you know me (weirdest fact coming up).... I hate using the bathroom! haha why?? well because I believe it's a waste of my time, especially when am doing something very important.  Now, before you think how bad this is for my health let me tell you that just because I highly dislike it does not mean I don't go when I have to okay. :)

At the beginning it was hard getting used to drinking tea 30 min before/after meals because I never knew for sure when I was going to get hungry but what human does?  After I got used to the routine then everything else ran smoothly.

When did I experience a change?

The third day I began to feel my skin smoother and tighter, I began getting complements on how glowy my skinned looked. & ladies you know that a good makeup day is only a product of healthy skin.  By the tenth day my abdominal area had made a tremendous change! and my the 14th day (yesterday) I was just in  L O V E.


I can not say that the results were 100% just from the tea because I went to the gym 5 days out of the week.  I ate consistently meals prepared at home except from 3.  Also I do not eat fast food! yukkk! it just disgusts me how people can eat that crap.  I can proudly say I have not been to a fast food place in probably a year and a half.

Do I think you should try this tea?

Absolutely, but not just this tea because am sure there are many teatox out there and I just happened to tried this one.  Think about it, what is there to loose? ..... and do not say money because you can easily spend $40 a month on fast food that is only making you more depressed about your body image.

So here are my results
NO, I don't need to excuse my hair/face because am human and this is how I look when I wake up 

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