My 28-day Tiny Tea teatox


Since couple of people have shown interest in knowing about this teatox  due to the picture I posted on my Instagram (Chiimpu)  and there is more than just an answer to it, I decided to go ahead and post this today.  My initial intentions where to post it after the 28 day period showing results but instead I will be sharing along the way. :)

I have seen several Instagram users post pictures of this popular tea detox and after a while I decided  to try it myself. So maybe you are wondering why or what am I looking to gain out of this and the answer is relatively extensive so let me begin.

I am a tea lover all day everyday!  I rarely consume coffee because I it makes me too wild, in minutes am like the bucks bunny just too wild to sit still.  Instead I drink tea and if its matter of keeping myself  awake I opt for a tea with caffeine; otherwise I prefer the non caffeine.  Starbucks is on a different category though haha.  The main reason for starting this detox would be my bloating problem.  I have noticed that no matter how much cardio/weights/workouts or proper diet, I still have that bloating in my abdomen.  The last time I did a detox was back in 2009 so I figured it was time for another one.  This time I did not wanted it to be harsh on my digestive system to the point where I could not leave home.  I figured a longer time would prevent too much stress on my body and that is exactly what this tea is promising to do.  The last reason is simply because I want to become a better version of myself physically and innerly.  I do hope this tea helps my abdomen become a bit more define but of course I will be helping by working out properly. 

I recently started to train with more discipline and eating cleaner in order to receive back the result I want.  Remember that what you put in is what you will receive back so do not expect to loose 20 pounds out of this detoxification while sitting on the couch eating junk empty food.  

So what is the name of this famous tea?  Its called Your Tea, those who follow me on Instagram probably knew that already.  This company ships worldwide so there is no reason to not get it if you decide you wanted to try it.  They do have different varieties of teas to fit your needs and they even have tea for man!!  I went with the Tiny Tea-28 day detox.   Your Tea website here  Unfortunately as of today their website says the USA shop is currently sold out. :(   BUuuu, but please keep checking if you do decide to try it in a near future.  

Before I keep moving on I wanted to thank YOU for taking the time out of this day to read my post.  I take the time to make them but knowing someone is doing the same to read them is greatly appreciated so THANK YOU again. :)  oK ok enough with the sugar Maggis lol....

Someone asked me; What does this tea do?

Well it advertises to do couple of things, and of course I am not backing that up because I just started today.  From my understanding it should improve your skin, nourish your digestive system thus causing weight lost, help with fluid retention (remember that if you do not consume enough water throughout the day your body will retain more, sooo drink up ladies),  and last but not least help with remove toxins.  Obviously each human body is different so the reactions, side effects and results will vary.

By all means please visit their website where you will find way more detailed
information about Your Tea. --->  website here


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