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If you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that this past Saturday I was in a hot yoga class.  My lovely friend Luz introduced me to this great class and I could not be happier; thank you Luz!  So you may wonder, what is hot yoga?  Well let me explain.

Hot yoga is practiced in a heated room usually set between 95 to 100 degrees F.  The heated room besides making you sweat like crazy helps the body warm up thus making stretching easier for the body with less risk of injury.  Each session runs for about 60-90 minutes leaving you sweating like never before in your life.  The class performs various poses; each done twice with rest (savasana) intervals in between some.  If you are a student then you only pay $15 for one session (could change depending on location).  

Health Benefits:
  • Detoxification
  • Develop strength, flexibility and tone 
  • Helps body relax
  • Improve breathing
  • Focuses the mind; promotes higher concentratuon
  • Increases metabolism
  • Cardio; burning up to 1,000 calories per session
  • Healing; help to heal old injuries and prevent future ones
  • Increase confidence

The high temperate also increases your metabolism and pulse allowing your blood vessels to become more flexible.  This will cause you to burn a tremendous amount of calories.  Blood circulation increases and during each respiration exercises oxygen travels to every corner of your body.  

Hot Yoga Essentials:
One- A fitted sport tank with bra included.  You want as much support as possible but allowing flexibility as well.  This tank should be of breathable material allowing your body release heat.

Two- Head bands will help keep hair away from face and prevent sweat from dripping into eyes and face.  You do not want to be a hot mess. ha!

Three-  A sports bra is a must ladies.  The support is needed for the tatas since the class can get intense.  At times you may get so sweated and heated that by the end of the session you will be in just your sports bra.

Four- Shorts are a must! if you do not feel comfortable wearing shorts to class, you will hate yourself for not wearing them 10 minutes into the class.  They help your legs breath and sweat freely white keeping you a bit cool.  

Five- A water container is a vital thing,  It's suggested to drink about 2-3 liters of water per day and you are more than likely to sweat way more than that.  So its pretty easy to get dehydrated during class.  Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after.  Luz lets her water freeze over night and then just allows the heat to melt the ice so she can have nice cold water.

Six-  A comfortable non-slip mat.  You can get one from TJmaxx at a very affordable price.  

Seven-  A decent size bag to place all your items.  Make sure it has pockets and space since you do take a lot to the class.  

Eight-  Fast drying small towel so you can wipe off sweat during the session.  

Nine- A non-slip mat towel to place on top of your mat.  Trust me, when my friend told me I needed a  big towel I thought, " am I really going to sweat that much?".  Some people where dripping in sweat so if your one of those this is another must for you.

I hope you have learn something new and find a place near your area where you can give it a try.  Simply go in google and type hot yoga class and your city and state.  Lets all try to be healthier humans and help others be so as well.  Much love and thanks for reading :)  

Durham,NC location I visited:
This picture was in the studion: quite interesting

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