Sweet Treat


With Valentine's day just around the corner I thought it would be just right to finally share how I created this healthy, yummy sweet treat.  This DIY can turn into a great project to do with the kids, nephews, or your love one.  It is very affordable, quick, creative and most importantly very yummy! 

What You'll need: (*optional)
1 cup of dark chocolate chips
1 cup cut up strawberries
cup cake baking paper
non-fat greek yogurt (vanilla flavor is yummy)
parchment paper
Ground cinnamon 
*heart shaped sprinkles

1.  Place chocolate chips on microwave on melt for one minute, check at 30 sec, mix and continue to melt for 30 more seconds.
2.  Grab your cup cake paper and completely cover it. 
3. Let it sit for few seconds
4. Place upside down and freeze for 20-30 minutes 
5.  Carefully Peel off the paper; be gentle or you will end up breaking the cup like my boyfriend did.
6.  Place one or two tablespoons of vanilla non-fat greek yogurt, add strawberries and top off with ground cinnamon. 

Enjoy! :)

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