Beginner Health tips


Many have asked me for help on how to get started with a healthy lifestyle so to get you started I created a list of health tips for beginners.  The intention is to help you get started on your healthy journey on the right foot.  Of course this is only the beginning.  Hope they help! 

1.  How to eat healthy?
     I get asked this question many times.  The answer is very simple yet complicated for some.  You are a smart adult, you know what bad foods are.  You know that you are not suppose to be drinking soda, and that McDonald's dollar menu is one of the most disgusting things people eat.  In today's society it is easier to know what foods are bad for us rather than what is good.  

Start by eating whole foods, food that have nutrients, rich in many vitamins and minerals, that will fuel your body.  Fiber, protein and healthy carbs.  If you need a list of each, google it. Do your research.  Living a healthy lifestyle takes dedication to learn, so do invest time on it. 

For example:
A bowl of cereal with whole milk VS a slice of whole weat bread, with avocado and scrambled egg whites.  They have about the same calories yet the bowl of cereal is basically empty calories because it does not provide much of anything and in less than an hour your body will be asking for more food.  The healthier choice is the slice of bread because you are getting healthy fats from the avocado, protein from the egg whites and healthy carbs from the bread.  See the difference now? 

2.  Exercise, weights vs. cardio
      Both, cardio and resistance training(known as lifting) are good for the body.  Cardio helps the good travel through all of our body and exercises the heart, lungs, blood vessels..etc.  Many great benefits of doing cardio.  For beginners I recommend  starting with 30 mins of moderate cardio (walking) then escalating to a more intense like non stop circuits.  On the other hand, resistance training is great to tone and tighten the body.  "Lifting" also helps bust the metabolism even when you are done working out, so you will be burning calories.  Shaping the body according to your goal requires different training, so do your research.  When combining cardio and straight training the results can be even greater than just doing one or the other.

3.  Drink plenty of water
     I have mentioned before the importance of drinking the purest chemical compound, water.  Your body needs it to stay hydrated and healthy.  When you replace soda in a meal for water you enjoy your meal better and feel satisfied faster.  Some of the benefits of drinking water include: helps loose weight, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, aids in digestion, and increases energy.  :) A fun way to drink water is by doing infused water.  Simply add any kind of fruit, herbs or veggies.  I love drinking mine with lemons, mint leafs, and chia seeds.  Creating a new mix is fun for me.

4.  Start Measuring
     I used to just "eyeball" measuring quantities of food but I was not achieving any results so I had to make changes. So I started using measuring cups and spoons.  I don't mean that you need to measure on a scale how much you eat every time but control is the key.  A measuring cup and spoons can be a great starts.  Read labels on the back to make sure you eat the serving you want.

5.  Protein Supplements
      Yes, supplements help muscle growth but please do not neglect your food.  Eating food rich in protein is just if not more important than drinking a protein shake.  Two types of proteins I would recommend are whey and casein protein.  Whey protein is recommended to drink before/after a workout since it gets absorb very quickly.  Casein gets absorbed slowly so is best recommended to drink before bed since your body will go a long period of time without food consumption.  In case you missed a meal and need protein replacement casein can be consumed as well.  Please beware of the products you buy, read all labels carefully and if necessary consult your doctor before you begin to consume any supplements.
6.  Give up the excuses
     So you don't have time, or a gym membership or you have back problems, knee problems or what not.  Those are excuses that people tend to lay back on because somehow that "makes up" the reason why you failed yourself to workout or eat healthy.  There is ALWAYS time and a way.  But of course if its important for you no matter the "excuse" you will find a way and get it done.  The reward for doing it? feeling chingona! like superwoman and get out of the way because here comes the excuse less new you.  oH YEA!  Remember is not easy but if its important for you, you'll find a way.


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