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Today I woke up earlier than normal.  Lately stress has build up from thinking about my future, school, work and all my dreams.  I have decided to start a new me.  Starting with little things such as waking up early can make a huge difference and make the day so much productive...

...Last night I pampered myself with a warm bath, exfoliation, instrumental music, candles, mint tea and an inspiring book my mother gifted me.  Since most of the time, I have a hard time sleeping, relaxing and soothing my mind made me wake up feeling reborn..... After waking up, I began my new morning ritual with a small cup of organic coffee, a fresh glass of water with lemon slices.. I then headed over to my living room to do breathing meditation session of 10 mins.  Afterwards, I did a full body stretch...put my running shoes on and headed to the gym...I was already feeling accomplished.. greeting Mr. Sun as him and I began a new day.....

..From all this I simply wanted to share a few candles I picked up on Sunday afternoon.  Candles always seem to relax my body so I try to always have some at home.  I am not a magazine type of girl, but Comopolitan always seems to grab my eyes.  I do speak and read spanish, so this month's edition in spanish was a perfect way to help my speaking and maybe learn a few grammatical things.  I personally recommend page 62, names "Eres indecisa? Aprende a decidir!"  love the tips in that article.. Have a blessed day guapas!! 


  1. I am glad you are finding time to relax. Sound like I could you some of your guidance.

    1. Thank You Ken, Its matter of making time for it. :)


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