Mi Morral


A few years ago when my mother was visiting Mexico, she asked me what I wanted her to bring me back.  Knowing me, I asked for the strangest thing a fourteen year old could ask.  I asked her to bring me one of those bright bags indigenous people use in Mexico.  Where am from, Indigenous groups dress in very bold and bright colors all mixed in one outfit.  I find it fascinated and extravagantly unique.

Years later this bag has become one of the most precious statement piece in my wardrobe.  If I want my outfit to go from plain to fun, I know my morral will do it all.  It has a nice bright neon color, with a gorgeous flower in the front. . . and did I forget to mention that is all made by hand.  On the sides, the furry balls add the final touch of uniqueness. 

Without a doubt this bag is an eye-catcher and I L O V E  it.... I pair it with some high distressed denim jeans from Abercrombie, some cute simple sandals, and a side messy braid to complete the look.
Outfit Details: Top-Forever 21 //  Boyfriend Jeans- Abercrombie & Fitch  //  Sandals- Abercrombie & Fitch  // " Mi Morral" or my bag - gift from Mexico.

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