Welcome March


Sorry for not posting this past week.  I was so busy with school, family and adult things that I barely had free time.

Thank goodness I am done writing this English paper! my love and hate relationship with writing is extreme... sometimes one has to just to do the darn work and get it over with; even if its 11:30pm and the assignment is due by midnight.  I have to agree I kinda have a procrastinating problem...
After working on the paper for days all I wanted to do was see it magically get done..haha
Friday, while driving back home- along with my sister - I got hit on the back of my car.  Thank God, we are both fine and the fellow guy that hit me is fine as well.  Now the hassle to get my car fixed.  That same day, my sister and I went to get eyelash extensions. Well, horrible idea for my sister.  She has the worst luck ever when it comes to beauty anything! poor thing. haha

Saturday however my nieces got baptized.  My boyfriend and I got the amazing gift of being asked to be Paola's(niece) godmother & godfather.  The experience was lovely, I feel like an official grown up. ^_^..

So with all that those life events stored as memories, I can finally focus back on my blog. 
What I have coming up:
  • DIY
  • Spring home decor
  • Favorite beauty products
  • Beginner health tips
  • All about detox
  • Youtube video !!
Thank you for all the great support and love!! If my blog posts helps/inspire at least one person I am the happiest little me. 

Much love and happy March!! 18 days till spring officially starts..


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