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Happy Monday beauties! I introduce you this new "insta inspiration" that will feature a recap of 
all the pictures I post during the week on my Instagram.  I will be given details of everything shown in the picture in case you are interested  :)
Sunday yummy day : Top and shorts from Forever21 
Sweet Frog to sweeten my day since I was extremely bored.
 My lovely client whom I did hair and makeup for her prom.  
She looked so beautiful 
 Before heading out, wearing Hollister tee and Abercrombie shorts. :)
 Just a joyful pic, I actually wore this the previous Saturday
Top: Abercrombie, earrings Forever21
At the gym during leg day.. My favorite days
Shorts: Tjmaxx
Fresh flowers at my place
A transformation picture: left pic was senior year HS and right picture is
now.. How crazy to look back and think of how insecure I was
and always wanting to be "skinny" my goal is to be fit
With my gym buddy
Morning coffee while reading a spanish article in Cosmo Magazine
Chettah creamer is from Home Goods, coffee cup is from the flea market.

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