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 Better late than never...
In Mexico we have this tradition of making this cool eggs...we simply collect the egg shell from real eggs, allow to dry, paint them, then fill them with confetti, flour, or whatever you wish.  Then the fun part comes when we crack them in someone's head!  :)  It was so fun and a great activity for the little ones... ----Hope everyone had a great Easter/Resurrecion day 
Michelada with botana (snack) I made them for the family. So good!
Wearing: Hollister jeans and top  // Belt : Abercrombie // Boots: Flea Market // Bag: Charlotte Russe
Wearing leggings from Amazon  // This drink is seriously so good!
Just a casual day wearing:  Loafers from Target //  Shorts: Forever21 // Top: Wet Seal // Long sleeve on waist: Target
Babe nice Melissa.. love her!!!

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