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Summer season can be amazing, but between the short skirts, dresses and bikinis.. our legs get to be the center of attention and sometimes we are not ready for that.  Think your legs could use a little toning?  if so, then please keep reading :)

Sometimes we feel discourage to show our legs because we could suffer from cellulite, chicken legs, overweight in inner thighs or simply a pair of not fit legs.  I used to have nice thick legs, then lost them and had chicken legs, and now my legs are getting better than ever.  How did I do it?  I simply workout my legs 3 times a week.  Here are a few exercises I do that can be done anywhere and will give you results!

Pay close attention to the positions, as you want to perform each exercise correctly to ensure maximum muscle work.  If you own a pair of leg weight they are an excellent way to build resistance and thus you get a better workout = better results.

Few modifications:

  • in #4 hold a small weight or a dumbbell 
  • in #8  instead of going all the way down, grab a chair/table/bench and sit on when going down as shown..keep leg off the ground and elevate using your butt muscles..
  • Remember that in order for the muscle to grow you need to minimize rest periods to NO MORE than 1-2 minutes max between sets. ... 
  • Don't forget to squeeze and repeat 1-8 twice for intermediate and 3 times for advance.

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