DIY: Mirror Coasters


Seems as if months are going by as fast as weekends.  Currently am home alone watching Sex and the City, drinking home made Tazo green tea latte, and blogging.  Just a few minutes ago I finally added something to my coasters...

These little cuties are from Target.  I happened to spot them on the clearance section for only $3! Scored!  I am a fan of cute little things, and these seemed to fit right in.  I did not wanted to add any personal photos since am not a fan of displaying personal photos around the house.  Instead I simply cut up a Lilly Pulitzer bag I had saved up.  It added just the right amount color for spring.

I added a touch of gold to some of the white space with a pen from Target.  

Here is how:

As you can see there is nothing to it, but I still wanted to share in case it inspires you.  I know with me, I can see something that perhaps I can not exactly replicate but it brings ideas to my little head.  
Hope you have a great Sunday! :) 

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