How to: Flat Tight Tummy


Sad news not everyone was blessed with a tight flat belly.  For some of us {yes, me too} our abdominal/core area is our so called "problem area".  I have come to accept that if I want to grow in size every time I put in some weight my core area will inevitable get affected as well.  So it is up to me to work it even twice as hard to gain the look I want.

You have hear it before their is no magic pill, no drinking teas everyday, or even starving yourself will get you that so desirable flat tummy.  All it is is three things: eat clean, train HARD, sleep well...repeat.  

I am sure you have heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen" and that is very true but don't expect them to just POP if you are not working out.  I am currently focusing in lowering the fat layer in my core.

This is a about 30 mins of ab workout that if you do twice will definitely get your heart rate up.  Focus on keeping your abs tight! Drink plenty of water and enjoy :)

  1. Ten min Cardio: this is your warm up.  In order to see definition in your core are you need to loose that layer of fat.  This can be achieved with cardio and plyometrics(cardio).  
  2. Ten min ab workout:  This is my second week doing this everyday.  Yes even when am not working core I still do it when am not too sore.  Give it a try and LOVE the burn babe! 
  3.  Muffin top killer:  this will target your obliques and burn babe burn that muffin top helping you get a smaller waist. 

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