My favorite summer drinks from Starbucks


Starbucks has been very popular for years now.  It is no secret that they serve the most amazing coffee {& non caffeinated} drinks all year round.  Me being a Starbucks fanatic I alway go in there and order my own kind of made up ridiculous long list of ingredients drink {if that makes any sense} making the barista look at me with a {wtf} face.  

Truth is I like to play with my drinks, because ordering right out the menu for a every other day consumer like me gets pretty boring.  So when you see a girl with some crazy hair ordering like she is speaking another language it is probably me ordering pumps of everything with chocolate bedazzle on my cup :)  oh yea!

So since I have experimented with couple of drinks I shall share my top favorite drinks for this hot summer days.  Give them a try next time you go..... 

 Iced Green Tea:

This is the healthiest you can probably get in there - unless you add a lot of sweetener. {pls don't}
I ask for mine without any sweetener or min. one pump of reg. sweetener.  But I mean if you are going to add your whole daily intake of carbs to this drink might as well ask for a double chocolate frap. w. extra everything! Great choice for those of us who are now eating clean.

Cotton Candy Frap:

Yeap, this thing exists {you probably knew already}  But please don't assume your barista will know how to make it just by saying "cotton candy frap".  Some already know after that annoying girl ordered something they had no clue how to make.  So to save you some embarrassment here is how to order:
Vanilla Bean Frap. with  __pump(s) of Raspberry Syrup
1 pump = Tall
2 pumps = Grande
3 pumps = Venti
4 pumps = Trenta {new size}

Iced Green Tea Latte:

This has to be my favorite {unless is  *hot  not  *iced then no way I will drink it}
This drink is so refreshing {now am mouthwatering} perfect for summer.
I order the regular Iced green tea latte but with a pump of Peppermint Syrup.
1 pump = tall
2 pumps = Grande
*Sometime I ask for java chips either mixed in or on top for that hint of chocolate. 

The taste of mint adds in that even more refreshing taste to it.  Unlike the reg. green tea this is made with matcha green powder and milk.  I usually order my lattes non-fat.

Iced Caramel Macchiato:

This drink as is, is very tasteful and it has that heavy expresso taste on top for those coffee lovers.  I only drink this when I know I need help waking up because trust me this WILL wake you up.

My Twist: When done ordering I tell the barista to add a pump of raspberry syrup in the vanilla and you will get the bottom pink very tasteful and it looks muy bonito :)

**There are many many more drinks you can create by customizing ingredients to your like but this are the easiest to order for those who are not ready to order pumps of everything just yet. :)

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