Weekend Fun!


"The first duty of love is to listen. "

This was such a lovely weekend for me.  Many times we forget to enjoy the little things life has to offer us.  We focus so much on what needs to be done that we often forget to live what is in front of us in that exact moment. The problem here is that our phones have become our greatest life diary.    

Ever notice how you go to a restaurant and half of the people are on their phones? and we all have done it, don't lie.  How sad is it to go to the movies and have to sit with someone who is constantly txting or dinner with your loved one and he/she is like zoomed in their phone and your actually having dinner with something close to a zombie.  You may be thinking why am I even talking about this right? 

Well Sunday Ismael and I went to a N.C state park river.  I have always said that we are kids at heart and its so true.  We enjoyed each others company.  We forgot about social medias, phone calls, txt etc etc.. While walking around exploring the area we crossed an old bridge that had been victim of lots of artistic graffiti.  We saw a packman, love quotes, dumb quotes and as I looked over I read a quote that I will always remember and it said:  "Social media makes us boring."  I am sure you can grasp the message.
♥ Maggis 

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