Where have I been?


I am so mad at myself for neglecting my blog for so long, almost a month! wow!! For those of you who actually read and follow my blog I just wanted to say a big sorry.  I did take some time off because my personal life was and still is pretty busy.

I really want you my readers to feel a connection with me, but of course if Maggie is only posting once in a blue moon then who would care about me right?  I don't blame you guys, for that reason I wanted to dedicate this whole post  updating you guys on what in the world I've been doing.

First of all, I got a job at a call center working for a great company that I love.  A totally new experience for me turning a bit challenging but willing to give it my all and succeed. I have applied to nursing school once again so hopefully I get accepted this time around.  With school and work, paper work have been haunting me all day everyday.  Not to mention a BIG surprise I have for you all.  Something that my sister Juana and I have been working on for quite some months now.

Last year I had an idea to open my own online store selling logo tees.  I was planing on designing the logos/prints myself and some how make it work.  Well, I know nothing about marketing or how to run a business but my lovely enojonsilla sister Juanis does!! She graduated from UNCG with a BS in hmm forgot what is called.. haha.... I want to say entrepreneur and another BS in Spanish.. {hope I got those right} so once I told her about my idea she offer to team up and create an online boutique selling fashionable affordable women's clothing.  So here we are today almost about to launch the store!

We are so excited!! We been working really hard on it.  The official name is LA VALISE, which means a small traveling bag/case.  Juanis came up with the name and I love it.  I think it reminds her of all her great experiences she had while studying abroad in Spain and traveling most of Europe.  How I identify with the name in a more like everyday travel bag.  I carry shoes, food, wallet, makeup, phone charger, tampons, lotion, all kinds of pens, pepper spray{so stay away!} etc etc.. ufff you name it its probably in my little valise..haha..

We do not have the official website running just yet, but when we do I will surely post about it here and on my Facebook page as well as my Instagram.

We would also love if you could follow us on Instagram: @lavaliseboutique 

Aside from ALL that I have also been administering my husband's company so more paper work on top of all that.  For some reason IRS customer service line is ALWAYS busy & to my luck after calling in 5 times I still have yet to speak to a representative... {talk about stressful moments }

While all of this is happening I am still keeping my gym game on and eating clean for the most part.  Some days I feel complete exhausted just wanting to sleep more but at the end of the day after knowing how much I accomplished in one day I say to myself, I am ready to do this all over again the next day.

Remember that your dreaming are only dreams until YOU make them reality by working your butt off to achieve them.  This includes everything from work, school, family and your physique.

Best wishes, Thank you for reading my little novel haha I will shut up{stop typing} now.


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