The Princess Skirt


Greetings from my couch! I am about to hit the gym but first I wanted to make sure I made this outfit live for you guys! It was somewhat requested so here it is.  

Last night Ismael and I where working on the wall art we have been working on for the past two weeks now.  Somehow it seems to always take me more than I expect to finish an idea than I originally anticipate. oh well right..  Well I had told him I wanted to go out and go for a cup of tea or a hot chocolate to Chapel Hill.  I have been in a "fall season" mood lately...He agreed like always {he is such a sweetie}

While getting ready I see that he got all dressed up and was looking super fine and I though I kindda looked a bit "below the standard" compared to him.  So I immediately jumped into my closet and picket out my princess skirt {like I call it}.  I had been dying to wear this skirt for the past month or so and I figured what better opportunity.

  Well the cup of tea turned into an unexpected dinner, a walk through Franklin St. {Chapel Hill's popular street) and ended up not getting my cup of tea or hot chocolate because by the time we got out of dinner every place was close.  He did however made me some canelitas{warm cinnamon tea} at home so I was a happy girl. :)
Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21 (las year) // Necklace: H&M (old) // Skirt: Ebay (sold out) // Heels: Steve Madden // Clutch: H&M (Really old)

La Valise will have a similar skirt (length is longer) available this FALL/WINTER season. :)

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