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Tea time at Maggie's is just like in the picture; fancy and cozy.  I took a trip to HomeGoods over the weekend and found the perfect tea cups.  I have been looking for a set for quite some time now.    Best part; they where on sale $3 a set ^_^.

Sometime, we just need to pamper ourselves and forget about needing our special someone to make us feel love.  I don't know about you but I love me and if my husband is not giving me love during those full moon days when my hormones decide to have a party...well I can give myself plenty of love. 

In a previous post I mentioned how I love tea so its obvious one of my pampering moments includes tea.  It is all about finding that inner peace within yourself.  Letting go off all the negativity that is happening in your life; work problems, school, relationships, goal, money etc...  

Here are just a few of the things I suggest you do next time you feel like pampering yourself
  • Light up candles: candles have the power to calm us down and get us in the romantic mood
  • Make your favorite tea (in this picture I made "S'mores" by Teavana {here}
  • Read a book: I can recommend ; Don't Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson {here} 
  • Do a couple of breathing exercises
  • Give your self a good body massage with your favorite lotion
  • Apply a face mask 
  • Simply relax; turn TV off..forget the phone exists...
Lately I have been obsessed with Teavana; a store at the mall that carries high quality tea.  So far I have tried "S'mores", "Moroccan Mint", and "Vouthberry" as well as their Rock Sugar.  They are all great in taste, smell and quality.  The rock sugar looks like gem stones; perfect if added to a clear jar for display.

Item Details:
Tray, tea cup set, tea maker and flowers are from HOMEGOODS
Candle is from Bath and Body Work in Fresh Balsam {Here}
Throw pillows are also from HomeGoods :)

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