For many years I was an "all black" type of chick.  Today I prefer my blancos (whites) more than white.  Although some say that white is the absence of color, I like to think of it as a the color of the soul.  

A few years back I used to see white as my enemy because for some stupid reason I believed that old tale that white makes you look fat.  Let's be honest, if you want to wear white so bad but you "feel" fat in it then I suggest you say to yourself "I am curvy/fluffy/chubby/gifted and I will fucked rock the living out of this white top/bottom etc" (with that Samantha from Sex and The City type of tone) ;)

One of my favorite style of wearing white is lace. I am also in love with wearing clothing that reflect my culture( I am from Mexico).  As you have probably seen, the recent summer trend is off the shoulder tops, lace and a sords of Latin America inspired tops and I LOVE it!  In the past I have found a few pieces here and there but its always so hard; so I am stocking up this summer.

Today I am showing you some of my current favorite whites for the summer.  It is not nearly half of what I have in white but hope they bring you some inspiration for this hot summer; I also wanted to make sure you could get your hands on them in case you liked any.
Nude top :Hollister(RECENT)
Charlotte Russee(RECENT)
Charlotte Russee(RECENT)
Forever 21 : less than $16(RECENT)

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