Destination: Downtown Raleigh, NC


"COMUNIDAD" art wall at CENTRO
Sometimes we get so caught up in the fantasy of traveling due to all the pictures we see on social media that we forget to make an adventure right where we live.

If its something that makes me genuinely HAPPY is finding cool/cute new places to have a bite, shop or outdoors with friends or husband.  When I look for places to visit I try to keep it local.  Supporting local businesses is something I am deeply passionate about; next time you go out try to visit a local shop or restaurant.

This weekend I made a list (I am all about lists) and headed out with my camera to explore places I have never been to.  We came across a sand castle right in the middle of downtown! I was so excited because I had never seen one in person! AMAZING!

Places we visited:
  • Centro Restaurant (HIGHLY recommended) 
  • IMAX Marbles kids Museum (Jurassic World 3D) 
  • Lucettegrace Patisserie

I have noticed how much Latin/Mexican culture there is in downtown.  Many other restaurants in downtown also have a strong latin culture inspired theme decor.  There foods are also inspired by Latin culture but in a much more unique approach than your tipical Mexican Restaurant.  & I LOVE it!

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