The importance of a CLEAN DIET


For the last three years since I started working out I have learned a lot about fitness.  Let me say that it has not been easy and at times very frustrating! You go to a website and it tells you that carbs before bedtime are no bueno yet other websites say it is fine as long as you fit your macros.  But what are macros? and then they get into why white rice is bad and other say its actually not bad..ahhh!! we end up more confused than who we started! am I right? 

I have had to do a test and try for three years and I am not even close to knowing it all; never will.  But what I have recently came to understand is the importance of a clean diet full of super foods and plenty of water.  I hate to say this but I used to think I was eating "healthy" and in reality I was not.  I was not feeding my body the nutrients it needed to achieve the look I am still madly looking for.  To my surprise I was not eating enough protein and carbs. 

Recently I started taking the famous progress pictures.  I have taken pictures here and there but not like on schedule.  The bottom picture is a great example of the importance of taking progress pics.  I still kindda feel ackward taking pictures of my body BUT after doing it I can see the importance of it.    Pictures can be heartbreaking or motivating but they give us the answers as to "why" this or that is not working for us. Or the other way, what IS working wonders for us.

Mini story: Last week I took the left picture.  Did cardio 3x a week and lifted weights 5x/week.  Friday night comes around "National Donut Day".. :/ I decided to join the rest of the country and buy me some donuts.  Not to mention the LONG as* time I had to wait to get them.  Next morning:  BLOATED! feeling disgusting, all my week's hard work GONE! my abdominal area is so sensitive that the slightest definition I manage to build was washed out!  I wanted to cry.  I had a quinceanera hair and makeup early morning so I slept less than 6 hours.  I did not have breakfast, ate only twice on Saturday and comes Sunday morning (right picture) I was feeling oh so disappointed.

I now know that in order to pass the weekend obstacle to eat clean I need to make sure I meal prep and prepare as much for the weekend as I can.  Do not wash away all the week's hard work with an unplanned weekend.  Stick to your clean diet as much as you can.  Trust me it does not matter if you spend hours in the gym if your diet is not clean you will see close to no results.

Hope this helped. :) 

With Love,

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