Find me at the beach


Few weeks ago for the 4th of July we went camping at the beach and before that week I was on a beach family trip.  Talk about becoming a mermaid! Anyone who knows me very wells knows that I L O V E the beach at any time of the year.  If I could live by the beach I would; hopefully one day I will own a beach house.

I took tons of pictures and wanted to share them.  Although I did not get my outfit pictures I did take many of cool spots/things that I found interesting or cute.  I am finally starting to get the hang of how to use my Canon t3i to hopefully you'll start to notice picture quality improvement and more outfit posts.

On July 4th weekend we decided to go camping by the beach at Carolina Beach.  Being there at night is magical.  There was a full moon and it was kind of chilly so we laid some covers on the sand and made a fire.  The best part of the trip I have to say was waking up early morning to the sound of the waves and the shinning sun.  
 I had such a great time! Totally recommend it for your bucket list. 

With Love,

Copyright Maggiie Martinez.