My Fall Favorites


 Well hello there again! I have made a moodboard for you ladies.  I have always wanted to do one of these but I do not have photoshop so I had to go a rather more difficult way of doing it but I did it! (its all about small goals at a time).  

These are the my main fall favorites because let's be real I am a woman and I think everything is my favorite thing. Let's break it down shall we...

1. Cheetah scarf ( HERE ) This can just be thrown on last minute on your way out and boom! Just do not over do it. One cheetah piece is enough we do not want you to look like mother cheetah ok. :)

2. Faux Fur Vest (HERE) This trend has come to stay let me tell you.  I am a lover of fur(faux) anything! I would suggest even going for an actual coat/jacket to get that NYC look. 

3. UGGS.  Yes embrace yourself because they are coming! (scary music) I love UGGS but let's face it they are not the most comfortable things to walk on all day.  Thankfully they came up with a new design that are made specially to walk all day on them (HERE ).  Check them out yourself.

4. Burgundy color lipstick by Mac Cosmetics.  They say this color is for fall but in reality I wear it all the time.  One of my favorite lip convo is Rebel lipstick with Nightmoth lipliner.

5. Chanel chance perfume. (HERE)  Even though its more of a spring smell for most I like that soft christmasy  feeling I get when I wear it.  

6. Favorite Starbucks drink: nope is not pumpkin! Its a nonfat Chai Tea Latte with no water added. yum!

7. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (HERE)  have been on my wordrove since before they became popular and I still consider them a must have.  

8. Fedora Hat (HERE ) I have one from last year that took me a month to get.  Everyone was trying to order one.  So get yours now before they are all gone.

With Love,

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