Fringe and Shorts


When it comes to season transitioning a part of me wants to jump into long sleeves and
sweaters but reality is that in North Carolina you may get spring, summer, fall, and winter all in one day/week.  This Sunday I was feeling like fall but the weather outside was still so summer like.  Decided to change the look by adding shorts instead of jeans and to bring in the fall feels I added brown tone accessories like this super affordable $12 hat from Forever 21.

Have you seen the new 2015 fall trend of earthy tone kind of western style/fringe wear going on?  well I have fallen for it already.  But let me be honest I do not go out and buy what ever comes out in style for a season.  I often look into my closet and pair it up with things I already own.  I suggest you do the same if you ever happen to get inspired by an outfit you may see in my blog.  Instead save the money or buy me some popcorn with cheese next time. :)

White tee : Forever 21
Shorts and short sleeve kimono: Abercrombie
Heels: LOLA
Hat: Forever 21
Fringe Purse: Old from Aeropostale


  1. Great look! I love the bohemian vibes with the kimono and fringe. Definitely perfect for a warm Fall NC day :)

  2. Thank You sweets! you never told me where you live..


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