State Fair


Cotton candy, caramel apples, fried everything, rides, farm animals and expositions are a few of the things why I really enjoy going to the state fair.  When I was a teenager the main reason to visit the fair was to walk around in circles again and again for who know what reason!
Since I met my husband we have visited the fair every year (since 2010).  Some people dislike going to the fair mainly because they do not do a little research before they head over.  I always look at the daily schedule and see what attractions/shows are going to be going on around the fair grounds so I get full advantage of day.

This year we visited a total of three separate times because we just could not get enough.  The first Saturday we went it was extremely crowded! I did not enjoy my time so much, it was really cold and my husband was just not dressing appropriately so we decided to leave early.  Next day: well rested and with more layers we gave the fair another try and we had SO much fun!  For the very first time we saw pig racing! it was so fun, the owner put up a great show and the crowd was very into it. I also got to milk a cow for the second time.  The last Sunday we took our goddaughter/niece; it was her first time at a fair, she played so much that we were not even out of fair grounds when she was already asleep in the car.  I have so many memories.  I live for those small moments they truly make me happy.  


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