Dia de los Muertos


A very well known holiday celebrated in Mexico is rapidly being adopted into this country's culture.  Dia de los muertos is November 2nd, a day to celebrate the love ones who are no longer here with us.  In my family we have never really celebrated this holiday
and since I have a family of my own now I decided to start celebrating this great day.  I made my own altar de muertos at home; it was my first time making one so its a work in progress.

The past weekend we did a 5k run in benefit of the Boys and Girls club in celebration of today's holiday dis de los muertos.  This was organized by Centro Restaurant and took place in Downtown Raleigh.  It was our first time attending and we had lots of fun.  A lot of runners had face paint, skull costumes,  their was a band, a costume contest dance, they also had a altar with pictures of loved ones, and they had food!  Not to mention the skull and other cool prompts.  I truly feel like dis de los muertos is one of my favorite holidays now, not only because the whole celebration is fascinating but because I too have a very special love one whom I like to remember.  One day I will go to Mexico and celebrate in his grave like the traditions calls for.


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