Our Little Tradition


One of the things I absolutely love about having my own little family is making our own traditions.  This is the third year in a row that we have gone to the N.C mountains to choose-and-cut our own Christmas tree. We started this when we first moved in together; I guess its safe to say that we have made this our little tradition.  This year we visited Boone, N.C, we went snowboarding, visited Grandfather Mountains and this year I cut our Christmas tree;  let me say it was not as easy as it looked.
Walking across this bridge with the wind blowing was a bit scary but totally worth the view.  This was our first time visiting Grandfather Mountains and yes, we loved it!
For dinner we went Lost Province, a local restaurant that specialized in pizzeria and brewed their own beer.  To top if off they had live music; it was the perfect touch to our little getaway. 

Since we love to try new thing we decided to go a bit sporty and try snowboarding.  Ismael has been wanting to try it for years now; and so we did it.  I fell like 500 times or more but it was so much fun! we hope to go back every year so we can learn how to not fall because with one visit we are far from being pros.

I always enjoy time away from home but find myself quickly feeling home sick and missing my little pomeranian Cobi.  This year the weather was perfect to sit at the top of the mountains and take in the view.  I enjoyed every second of it but for now I am back to nursing books and finals.

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  1. Traditions are what make special times together so special. Keep going, and make this tradition last your lifetime together.

  2. Anonymous8/02/2016

    What kind/name of camera did you used to take these pictures? I like how they stay focus on the subject and not the background...thanks in advanced


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