Oh Hi there! its has been a minute since I last blogged, 2 years and 5 months to be exact. I still can't believe it has been THAT long.  To be fair I am going to do a recap of where the heck I have been and what has happened in my life before making more post about all the ideas I have in my head because these past years I've had so many ideas for now and the future. I just hope in God I receive you gals support. 

Last blog post was 7.31.16, I had just returned from a VERY important trip to Mexico along with the hubs and my lord have our lives changed since then. Pretty much from there on we were able to travel the world together...and we DID. HA! so blessed.

The rest of 2016 I was in nursing school. I had no life.(period) I was so determined to graduate Nursing school that I put my gym goals, my blogger/creative side on a pause because Nursing School REQUIRED all of my attention and dedications.  I really tried to balance it all as much as I could but it was so draining on me that I had to make the hard decision to pause my blog.  However I still managed to travel during my breaks lol. 

In September 2016, we went to Miami Florida for my birthday. We had so much fun exploring and soaking in the sun. We stayed at The Delano South Beach.  This Hotel is super fancy, but well worth it.  It was so relaxing yet with the Miami feel you want if your going to Miami ya know.  The pool area is known to be one of the best one in Miami. It did not disappoint, by far the prettiest Hotel pool I have been to. 

In October 2016, I went to Seattle Washington with two of my friends. This was my first ever girlfriend trip and I had SO much fun.  Seattle is like the perfect girls trip destination. We did all the touristy places like the first ever Starbucks shop, Gum Wall, Public Market, Waterfalls and of course smoked some weed for the first time; I prefer edibles to say the least (FYI Recreational marijuana is legal here)  One thing I am very weird about is the feeling of being damp/moist if I am not in ocean/lake etc. I HATE this feeling but while in Seattle the place known for rain all day, everyday I was surprisingly fine.  I hope to go back one day and show my husband the beauty and chilled vibes of this place.
December 2016, we went to San Luis Postosi, Mexico for New Years. This is my husbands hometown.  It was a quick last minute trip and off we went.  I just LOVE  my Mexico so much.  Since we will always be returning here, I plan on doing a more detailed blog when we visit again.
In May 2017 we visited The Golden State aka California babe. This trip was my husbands picked destination for his Birthday. We stayed at The Line Hotel and WOW! What a view, we completely recommend this to anyone visiting L.A. Our room had a full wall size window that overlooked the city and into the Hollywood sign (Wish I had a picture but they all got deleted).  The morning and night time view was just breathtaking, I felt so lucky.
We also visited Santa Monica Pier and while there rented some bikes.  I still remember the chilled vibes of this place and the feeling of freedom while bike riding; a feeling I catch myself feeling while traveling.  Being a fitness girl we of course had to visit The Mecca or Gold's Gym in Santa Monica. This gym is like the gym of gyms. There were Youtubers everywhere, people just smashing their workouts, and well I felt intimidated ha! We also hiked the Hollywood sign; I wanted to quit half way haha. It was soo hot and we had no hats and yea it was a little challenging haha.

March 2017 I finally graduated Nursing School! please read post about Nursing School. Its just a whole part of me that it requires its own blog post.

ALL my photos are from my Instagram @Chiimpu as I did not take my big camera with me on any of these trips. All my photos were taking with my iphone.  I find my big camera to be stressful to carry around and care for it. Hopefully this 2019 I use it more.

end of part 1 ;)

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