So May 2017.... I graduated Nursing School. Till this day the biggest accomplishment of my life.  If you know anyone whose been through it then you know.  Happy to have checked that goal off my list although my career in Nursing is just starting.  I still have many more goals within Nursing to accomplish.  I'll share a few pictures, however Nursing School tips, questions NCLEX etc will be in a different post- comment your questions below.


So before wayy back when I first met my now husband I used to want some LV Heels as my graduation present.  Well that was quickly out the window once I discovered the wonders and magic of traveling.  I decided I wanted a get-away vacation.  Relaxation, good food, zen atmosphere is what I had envision this vacay as.  In December of 2016 I found AZUiK after some hashtags# wondering on Instagram.  I was blown away.  How could this place exist?! and then I googled it and found out it was in MEXICO! My mind exploded of joy! If you know me, then you know I-LOVE-MEXICO! I mean who doesn't right but for me its home. The rich culture, the food (my God the FOOD), the people always so welcoming and nice...the list goes on guys.

Azulik is in Tulum, Mexico a destination that became extremely popular, predominantly among Millennials.  When we first visited in May 2017, Tulum was still not as popular as it is today.  There is just so much to share.  So to be fair I will make a separe post on TULUM because the magic of it deserves its own blog post. I have been there twice already, so yea, I have lots to share. 

After Nursing School/NCLEX etc, I took a year off or as Hispanics call it un Año Sabatico; to be honest I did not even know such thing existed lol.  During this year I went through some hard times and happy times but it has for sure carried one of the most challenging periods of my life.  This in a way stopped me from doing many things and achieving many goals.  However one day I said it was enough and from there I have not looked back.  I started working as a nurse at one of the best well known hospitals in N.C. I adore my coworkers, I can finally have the life I wanted for ME, not to mention the financial part of it.  

I feel like I made no sense in this Part 2 but the rest of my posts will carry on from Tulum and so forth.  Many people have messaged me wanting to know my travel tips etc so I will dedicate the next posts in explaining in detail all my travel adventures, how I book my trips, etc.



  1. I always wanted to become a nurse. But after I had my two kids( now 3&2 year olds) it made it had for me to go back to school. How was your experience in nursing school?

    1. Hi Ana,

      Nursing school is hard, challenging but so rewarding. Once you finish you feel like you can achieve ANYTHING!

      My experience in a nutshell was a roller coaster, I had to say no to family events, study on weekends, cried a lot, but IT DID get better once I picked up a study and personal life routine. It is definitely hard but completely achievable. Many peers had children, mortgage, children in school etc. I did not but I know the key is time management,


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