Sweet Potato Brownie Recipe


I LOVE sweets! I love my pan dulce, chocolate and donuts.  I am not the one to say I want a donut and restrict myself.  If its something I had been craving, sure I will have it but in moderation.  Nowadays I get a headache when I eat too much sugar like that one time I drank a Coke in our Europe trip and I got completely lethargic and felt nauseous; I never drink Coke so what did I expect lol.

If there is one thing my health and fitness journey has thought me is that I can find healthy YUMMY alternatives to those refined sugary treats.  These sweet potato brownies satisfy my sweet tooth cravings at night.   I like to enjoy mine with a warm cup of tea while watching my fav t.v show and unwind for the day.

What youll need:

·      Parchment paper & Baking tray
·      1 medium sweet potato finely grated
·      ½ cup Cacao Powder (not cocoa)
·      ¼ cup coconut oil (melted or solid)
·      ¼ cup honey
·      3 tbsp almond meal
·      2 tbsp pure maple syrup
·      2 tsp baking powder
·      1 tsp vanilla extract

Let’s bake:

1.  Pre-heat your oven to 330’F
2.  In a bowl, place all the ingredients and mix well.
3.  Spread evenly in a parchment paper lined baking tray.
4.  Bake for approximately 20-30 minutes depending how firm you want them to be.  I bake mine for 28 minutes, for a more soft consistency I bake for 23.
5.  Remove from oven, set to cool off for 15 minutes. 
6.  Enjoy warm with cup of tea or place in fridge to enjoy later. If reheating I suggest 15 seconds on microwave.
I hope you guys give it a try.  Ismael enjoyed them so they definitely passed the husband test. 

*Recipe Source: Georgie Stevenson

With Love,


  1. Eviee Resendiz2/23/2019

    Definitely going to try these now that im trying to make healthier choices ��

    1. Girl yes! those little guilty pleasures can be replaced by more healthy choices that support our health/fitness goals. :) let me know how they turn out!


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