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Real De Catorce ... 
03.12.19 a special day in our marriage as its my life partners date of birth.  During the past four  years or so we have made our birthdays feel extra special by traveling somewhere.  This year was not the exception; but it almost was.  I took his birthday week off from work just in case and off to Mexico we go; we booked flights only 5 days before departing.  

Real De Catorce is a small town located in the state of San Luis Potosi Mexico.  In the 19th century this town was in its full bloom as it used to be a silver mining settlement and currently a place that less than a thousand people call home.  I heard different stories as to what caused this town to become a ghost town as in its prime time over 19,000 people lived here.  I was told that it was due to the Spaniors not wanting to fight the Civil War.  In videos/online it is told that due to silver plummeted, while others say that a great flood was the cause.  

In 2001 Real De Catorce became listed as a Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town), a title given to those towns that qualify for it.  This town is a place to get lost in its cobblestone streets, sit by the plaza and enjoy some ice cream or enjoy some gorditas with a freshly made orange juice.  It also offers horse back riding ($350 pesos per person/~$18.50 USD. Duration 3hrs) to El Cerro Del Quemado; where Huichol people make their long journey from all over Mexico to consume Pellote/Hikuri as part of their cultural ritual.  Not to forget the famous  "Willyes", a jeep like car that allows for a unique and fun experience as you get to ride on roof top ($1,200 pesos/ ~$64 USD. Duration 3.5hrs).

Where did we stay?
In my Instagram I showed a little bit of our cozy and magical Airbnb.  It had such a great vibe.  Ismael actually found it and booked it for us.  It was the first time I was going to a place I hadn't booked so I did not know what to expect and oh boy was I blown away. We highly recommend it, not to mention the price for one night for two was only $40 USD (one person is $17).

Link to Aribnb in Real De Catorce: Rustique Townhouse with great View

The host Sulahue was a sweetheart with a chill vibe.  The magical house was where she grew up until age 10.  The casita had other rooms that were all booked so the house felt very alive.  Everyone was friendly and welcoming to the space.  We shared space (not room) with people from Amsterdam, Argentina and other parts of Mexico; something Ismael and I love about traveling!  

 What to wear?
Real de Catorce can get very cold (it even snows here) but once in the bright shinning sun and horseback riding you can get hot and then again once up in the heels the wind blows so hard you can get cold.  My point here is to pack a little bit of everything just to be safe.  Don't worry if you forget a jacket you can always buy a cute af poncho from a local shop.

March weather is a bit unpredictable, but what its almost always true is that the nights get cool so pack your fluffy socks.  I love hats so much that I bought me two while here.  They cost me $17USD each and the quality is unbeatable.  I made sure to pack some jackets, sneakers, cute brown booties, and sunscreen.

What did we do?
Don't let the size of the town fool you, there is plenty to do here.  Horseback riding is one of the things I had been wanting to do for SO long.   Like I mentioned above the price was unbeatable for the experience.  Take one day to visit El Cerro Del Quemado and another to see El Pueblo Fantasma; we did it all in one ride and the next day EVERYTHING was hurting in my body.

Willys!!! these unique and cute 60' truck vehicles that can only be found in Real de 14.  Its the staple vehicle that Mexico associated to Real de 14.  To find a ride just go to the main plaza; prices are also fixed across.  The ride felt so free and relaxing but full of adrenaline and laughs. Wear a tight fitted hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and ENJOY the 3 hour ride that goes by so fast.

The Willye took us to Estacio 14 and El Desierto where we saw and learned more about El Peyote/Hikuri.  El peyote is a cactus psychoactive plant that the Huichol (natives) come here to consume.  It is illegal for non natives to consume it as it is very slow growing and it is reserved for the Huichol. 

Other things to do: get lost in town, try out the different foods, set time to photograph the town, visit Casa Moneda Museum (they close at 4pm so we missed it), try out all the food, visit the Parroquia/church, read a book at a local coffee shop and just take time to take it all your way.  

         Let the magic enchant you. . .  

What I enjoyed the most of Real De Catorce is its peacefullness, tranquility, the connection with nature and myself.  Wandering the cobblestone streets with no care in the world is the best feeling about this town.  Learning about the Huichol culture and their sacred ceremonies.  The horses and the Willie ride were extremely fun and unique experience. Did I mention the food!! Indeed this little town is magical.  Highly recommend visiting if your able to.  Keep in mind that weekends is when most of the shops open and in a way the town brightens up as this is when most tourist come.  We visited on a Tuesday and by 8:30pm most shops were closed so we headed to our cute Airbnb to enjoy the night under the starts. 

Mexico estas bien chulo!

With Love,


  1. Vanessa3/25/2019

    Omg what a beautiful place! ��

    1. Isn’t it, it makes me want to explore ALL the pueblos magicos :)

  2. The air bnb looks such on point. Maye did good !! I loved the zapatitos. I loved even more how lost you look in the pics,enjoying pure magic. youThank you so much for sharing. I defitnily want to visit this hidden gem. �� ❤️

    1. Didn’t he!! He did great!

      Thank you Yanina! Would love to take you :)

  3. Love love love!!! I’m definitely going to add this beautiful Pueblo to my bucket list. <3

    1. Yes! please do! its such cute pueblito. Its a hidden gem

  4. Where did you bought the brown hat? I loved it


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