What I pack for Mexico + tips on how I pack


I am no light packer okay, but I have learned to pack essentials and items that flow with the vibe of the destination. If you ever get the feel that I look "parisian" while in Paris, or cute Mexican off shoulder vibe its because it was 100% planned that way.  I will pack items that complement the destination I am going to.

Imagine yourself at the pueblito wearing that cute little dress con una nieve de garrafa looking all cute af and unbothered. lol  I may be extra on my packing procress but it comes so natural now that I don't feel like I am putting extra effort; its just how I am now.
  To help out with the process I always make a packing list; did I mention I love making lists!

So I start packing 1-2 weeks before my trip; not even kidding.  The first items I pack are clothes/items I better not forget; such as items bought intentionally for the trip.  I will pack my accessories first because they are what make my outfit different and unique.  I used to pack them last min and always forget that necklace or those shoes.  Things I pack (summer edition): hats, head scarves/wraps, sunglasses, jewelry, bags (morrales are my statement pieces),  fans, and swimsuits. 

I am a busy girl so I can not spare 3-4 hrs a day to just get it done in one day.  Plus I get frustrated and end up just putting clothes in the suitcase.  Instead I pack for 30min or so when I have the time. Since Mexico's weather changes from day to night I like to pack some long sleeves, jackets such as a jean jacket, two jeans and booties.

Clothing wise, always pack items you can lounge around on and look cute: t-shirts and jean shorts.  I love how PINK t-shirts look with boots, its like I have that effortless look while being comfortable and the cowgirl boots just make the lounge outfit 100x better.  My staple look is a white top, Levis short and sandals.

When it comes to packing I always do a carry on and my black backpack.  I use the roll clothing method; I roll my clothes like burritos and pack it tightly.  I will do clothing in one side and shoes, beauty products etc on the other.  I will wear my jackets to save space.  On my backpack I will carry all my electronics/books/ snacks etc and leave space for items I will buy while on my trip.

-White tops (the more the better) crop tops, long sleeves, and short sleeves.
-off shoulder tops
-dark jeans
-Levi's shorts
-tennis shoes
-Ray Bans
- 3/4 everyday summer dresses *these can be dressed up or down
-pair of heels (stay with black or nude)
- workout clothes (3-4 outfits)
-one maxi dress

(Top picture starting from Left)
HatLack Of Color *second hat is from local shop in Mexico
SwimsuitPretty Little things
Favorite white tops fromFreePeopleForever21PrincessPolly
Everyday little dressesFashionNovaCharcoal Clothing
My favorite Jean jacket: Abercrombie (the fit is just right for petite women like me)
My LevisLevis, I bought mine from Sears.com and redid them as they had some clothing patches on them and no fringe at bottom.  I suggest looking at flea markets or drift stores for good quality ones.

This post was purely for fun and to show a little insight of how I pack in same process for every trip I take. Can not wait to show my next booked destination!

With Love,

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