Bali, Indonesia


B  A  L  I 

This trip was "oh look it looks fun let's do it" spark of the moment.  I was sitting at my fav. coffee shop just scrolling on Instagram when I saw DreamingOutLoud post information on her insta story.  I clicked, looked, asked Ismael if he wanted to join me "which he was like nope" and click click I booked it right then and there.  This meant I would be traveling by myself until I arrived at my destination; 26+ hours of traveling across the world.  Once in Bali a group of beautiful souls including myself would venture into Bali.

Let's back off a little.. So the company that Instagram Influencer DreamingOutLoud and Bryce Miller worked with to organize this trip is TROVATRIP.  I had never heard of this travel company before nor knew anyone who had done it.  Knowing Hailey and Bryce were going made me trust this company since there was no way on earth Hailey would be promoting a company she herself did not felt safe traveling with.  

To answer common questions: 

  • I paid a % during booking, the rest was due I think 60 days before departure.
  • I arrived to DPS airport. All car/boat transportation was arranged by Trovatrip.
  • I booked my own flight according to our given itinerary with airline of choice. I flew with QATAR, and 100% Recommend. I had layover in DOHA airport; named #1 Airport IN THE WORLD! pretty amazing 😎 
  • Places we visited in Bali:  Ubud → Canggu → Nusa Penida
  • I was there for over a week.
  • I took only a carry on and back pack; bought a duffle bag in Bali and filled it up with all my purchases. I actually didn't purchased it until the day of departure so as I kept buying things I managed to make them fit in my carry on and backpack.  Kayla(sweetest girl) started calling me Maggie Poppins 😂
  • I felt safe ALL the time
  • I cashed out $500 into Rupiah's, had plenty left over because I exchaged more last min; did not actually need that much.
  • Bali is pretty cheap/affordable.
  • The Markets are fun but I thought they were pricey.  Rule of thumb is to always go down half and add up/down from there. Sellers give you a HIGH $ expecting you to bargain.  Beware not to go too low or they will feel insulted and yell at you telling you to basically get the fuck out.😹😹
  • There is a thing called driver for a day; apparently for a very affordable amount they can drive you to all the cool destinations.  In Ubud I asked hotel for a Taxi, felt comfortable with him so he gave me his card.  I added him on my Whatsapp and just messaged him anytime I needed a ride/pick up etc; extremely convenient. 
  • I did not get Bali Belly; thank GOD! but many of my peers did.
  • I learned that I highly dislike toured guides; Trovatrip did AMAZING and the BaliBuddie team did too.  This was just a personal "discovery".
  • I didn't drink as many cocktails as I wish, but the Bintang's were pretty darn good!
  • Traffic is INSANE! but luckily I wasn't driving and had my airpods with me.
  • It was not all fun and play haha; we had to climb MANY MANY stairs, walk, and what felt like hike but it was absolutely WORTH IT.  I can't imagine toddlers/children traveling to Nusa Penida. The boat ride to get there is NOT child friendly at all.
  • ALL my pictures were taking with my iphone x.
Any additional questions drop them in a comment below or DM me on my Insta @Chiimpu
& so I flew first class for the FIRST time in my life! This was on my bucket list. Que no me digan que no me cuente jaja #Buchonastatus

U B U D 
We stayed at Bliss Ubud Hotel and Spa, breakfast was included and a complimentary 30 min massage of choice.  Breakfast was delicious! I wish I tried more Balinese food in this trip besides noodles. In Ubud we visited Rice Terrace, Coffee Plantation, Temples, Waterfall, and Monkey Sanctuary. The Market here is the BEST.  Ubud allowed me to see Balinese people's culture more compared to the other places we visited.  I completely recommend staying here at least two nights.

The monkeys are soo sneeky! they will steal, grab and just take anything they like if your not careful. We couldn't have water bottles because they LOVE plastic.  This little fellow tried to open my bag and since he failed he proceeded to chew on it.  They are so curious! 

Hailey and Bryce are humble, nice and super down to earth. Hailey is even more beautiful in person!

 The details were on another level.  Temples were truly a place to simply admire the culture.
 These little squares were the common daily offerings Balinese people place for their god's. Their actual name is Canang Sari.  I did not get to learn much about it but from what I saw they place them in the mornings in the small shrines in front of house/store or they simply place it directly on the ground. Please be careful not to step on them.

One of the things I have learn to admire are the children of the places I travel to. They have such good vibe, innocent yet very aware of how life is.  They are funny and curious like these two little girls.  One of the guys from our trip was playing around with them making jokes; they stayed there for a good 45min.  Please do not give children money, as AlanxElMundo says this will only contribute more to the "give money to children" culture making them more susceptible to adult explosion; give them time, laughter, attention, and love instead.

Lookng back I wish I had bought way many more items but once your there it is so overwhelming to bargain that I often just opted to admire the markets.  The morning before leaving Ubud to Changuu I ventured on my own to the markets and pretty much got majority of my items there.  The amount of wooden spoons, plates, cups, cutting boards!!!! ahhhh!!! I wanted to bring it all back.

So we know I  L O V E  nieve/ice cream.  To my surprise I didn't eat that much because I was always so busy.   I tried green tea and passionfruit; both oh so yummy!

C A N G U U  

Canguu, ohh how I wished I could have spend a week here! this city and the surroundings are very beachy, LA, cool vibes.  A lot of people come here to surf and chill.  The food in Canguu is my style; cute AF, healthy and YUMMY! Canguu is the place to hangout, walk around the shops, eat your heart out, dance the night away and chill with your friends.  If I had to pick one place to return it would be here!  Don't forget to catch the beautiful sunset!

We stayed at Eastin Hotel, a super cute hotel just a walk distance from the beach.  It was very airy, the decor was western yet modern with touches of yellow and blue. 

These kinds of cute spots feed my soul.  I genuinely vibrate with happiness.  

& So we went to my D R E A M, Insta spot Kynd Community ! I wanted to go here so bad, that I was willing to go by myself.  This spot is all plant based and a couple of vegan friends from the group joined me.  We were not disappointed.  The food surpass my expectations! the taste of every item was so yummy.  The only thing I wish was better was the AC or the fans; we were a bit sweaty.  Thankfully the smoothie bowls cooled us off. :)

N U S A  P E N I D A

& so I learned that Nusa means Island and that Nusa Penida is a big island and has many beaches.  On Pinterest and Instagram I would see pictures of this popular picture (dinosaur cliff) and would think that was Nusa Penida; oh how wrong was I.   The crystal clear water, salty beachy vibes of this Island were very unique.  It was not at all touristy as I thought it would be.  The feeling was more peaceful and chill.  I do however believe it will not stay this way for long.  There were many construction projects and with its increasing in popularity thanks to social media, Nusa Penida promises to become the next "hot spot".

Our stay in Nusa Penida consisted of tons of exploring, hiking and beach hunting; leaving us exhausted by the end of the day.  I don't recall the name of all the beaches but we pretty much visited ALL the most known ones.

I highly recommend you visit Penida Colada Beach Bar for sunset; make sure you make reservations. The ambiance, the food and the cocktails were all amazing.  The night we visited there was live music to the most beachy voice of a lovely guy who was also playing the ukulele. Still unsure why they put a GIANT CHILOTE on my cocktail but it looked beautiful on my photo LOL.

WOW! what an experience. I had never imagine myself going to BALI, yet alone travel alone AND meet Hailey, Bryce and the beautiful TROVATRIP crew.  I have tons of feelings from this trip but the most important one is the feeling of being ALIVE. To know there is more to life than what our eyes can possibly imagine.

Coming back after getting to know all the crew I realized how lucky I got; to experience Bali with genuine good vibe souls.  Its rare that a large group gets along so well, connects and feeds off each others good vibes but WE had that and oh God thank you!

So what did I think? well, I'am from Mexico, I actually grew up there and moved to the USA when I was eight.  So I have a strong culture foundation.  Bali reminded me of Mexico, just as Santorini did.  Peeing in a small hut, seeing chickens/cows in the middle of a picnic area, the bumpy roads, the "unsanitary" conditions, the street vendors and the markets did not cause a culture shock in me; saying this in the most respectful way.  In the contrary it allowed me to experience Bali in a more appreciative way.  I appreciate and respect their hard work. If I ever go back I want to submerge myself in getting to know their actual customs, rituals, the food and so on.  Traveling has allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for other's way of life; an area I know I have a lot of room to educate myself on.

I can say is that I am ready for my actual SOLO, alone, by myself trip. where should I go?

With Love,


  1. I absolutely loved this! Bali had never been one of my to go places, but I have to say after seeing your post - its def. on my bucket list. I would love to visit Greece though, thats my dream place! By the way, i love how you edit your pics! Your posts very enjoyable, I truly hope your blog/insta continues to grow and expand. Sending positive vibes your way!

    1. Greece was an absolute favorite for me. Mykonos to be exact lol. Thank you, I am glad my posts are enjoyable I have never been a writer type of girl. thank you!!! best vibes back

    2. Iris, thank you for your kind and sweet words! Love the positive vibes! ✨ sending some right back ✨

  2. I’ve never thought to have Bali on my list, but you’ve captured it so beautifully that it’s making me think I need to add it on there ;) my top destination is Peru!

    1. Thank you! I do thank God for my photo skills 😁 Bali is one place I never had in my mind to visit and now I wanna go back!

  3. My dream place to visit would is Santorini❤️.. thanks for sharing your traveling experience.. super positive and inspiring��

    1. Santorini is beautiful, You will get to visit one day and see yourself :) THANK YOU! ❤️✨

  4. Vira Sanchez6/24/2019

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Bali, it looks magical! Thank you for inspiring others with your positive vibes all the time. Your page is definitely one of my favorites on Instagram, keep being a badass!���� Without a doubt my dream place would have to be Bora Bora, Greece����

    1. 😭😭 I shall continue being a badass 😂 THANK YOU! ✨ I will visit Bora Bora one day as well !

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Thank you for sharing your advice and adventures with us. My dream place is Portofino ❤️

    1. Ahh Portofino! Dreamy place! You just made
      Me add it to my list 😁✨ & thank you!!!! I love to share

  6. Anonymous6/24/2019

    Hola Maggis! Enjoyed your blog! My Dream place to visit would be Santorini ❤️

    1. Hey Chimo! Thank you!

      Ps ya vete! De anniversary, you will love.

  7. Loved this post ! I've seen many instagrammers post their Bali trip photos and by far loved yours the most. Something about you posting it made it feel actually attainable. You have a way of making your readers feel like we can and are deserving of taking trips like these. My dream place to visit is Egypt. My boyfriend is from there and I would love to visit where he grew up and just like Mexico shaped us, see how his country helped shape him into who he is. Thanks again for continuing to share you life with us ! - Eviee Resendiz

  8. I really enjoyed seeing all your pictures. My favorite is the one with you in the nest!

    Like you I would also like to go there and learn about their customs, their rituals, foods and get lost in them.

    Changuuu grabs my attention!! Sounds like amazing vibes. ��

    My dream spot to go is England. That cold weather, wearing cute boots, and watching soccer game will be life. Hehe

    Thinking of a spot for your sólo trip. ��

  9. So beautiful! i live for your instagram pics and stories! lol me encanta ver todos los lugares a donde viajas.. siempre pense que mi dream vacay would be Maldives y aun quiero ir pero despues de ver tus tulum trips inwould love to go there.. it seems so peaceful and relaxing.. it would be a dream!! tambien no pierdo las illusiones de un dia ir a mexico con mi hubs y las girls! ❤️ muchh love maggies

  10. Aww proud of you! That's my sister all the way on the other side of the world! I will visit Morroco before I'm viejita. Marrakesh and Casa Blanca specifically. More excited about Marrakesh and it's markets!

  11. Enjoyed your blog to the fullest! Thanks for all the share! Your IG inspired me to go to Tulum for my honey moon. My dream place is Venice, Italy! Keep inspiring the world! ❤️ 🤗Blanca Rosa

  12. Edith Gomez 💞6/26/2019

    I enjoyed reading this blog. All the pictures are sooo beautiful ���� I’ve always wanted to travel to Santorini, Greece! But looking through these pictures, this is definitely one of my top places to visit one day �� Edith Gomez

  13. Omg I have always wanted to go to Bali!! I love your photos from the trip, looks like a lot of fun and so beautiful. Traveling is one of my goals in life. I would love to visit Italy as well!! ♥️♥️♥️

  14. Hola Maggy!! Me encanta ver todas tus historia en Instagram, para mi es un orgullo que mujeres como tú sean de mi mismo país y sobre todo de mi mimo pueblo! (Mezquital, Durango). Sigue haciendo lo qué haces créeme qué habemos mucho que queremos e incluso aveces seguimos tus pasos!!!!! Mi gran sueño sería ir a Egipto ���� ♥️ Es mi gran sueño de toda la vida aunque hay mucho más lugares!!! Como conocer mi mismo Mexico!! Espero y sigas igual de hermosa siendo creativa de interior como en lo exterior !! Bendiciones!!

  15. Anonymous6/28/2019

    Wow, what a beautiful trip! Definitely makes me want to go there! It's great to know you had such a good experience and that it also wasn't a culture shock like you said. Si yo pudiera viajar por ahora iría a mi Durango bello y querido, honestamente no lo recuerdo y lo que conozco es por fotos y videos. Fuera de eso, me gustaría ir a Tulum, y si es por lo que compartes! lol Other than that...I have always wanted to go to Greece, then Argentina y Peru, y me encantaria ir a Japon tambien I have a thing for anything Asian actually lol but Japan or Singapore would be a next. Thanks for the inspiration, I hope you travel more and like I said before keep going with your good vibes! Power to women like you! Sandy

  16. Tu viaje a Bali fue hermoso, I loved watching your insta stories while you were there, your vibes are amazing, keep inspiring ! My dream destination either Brazil or Switzerland:)

  17. Daniela Menendez6/29/2019

    This is my first time reading your blog and after reading one I had to go through all of them! The pictures and moments you’ve captured are just amazing. You were very brave to take that trip by yourself. One place I dream to travel to in Santorini, Greece. I think you should travel to Australia or somewhere in Africa.

  18. Such a beautiful trip! Amazing photos - you make it feel like we’re traveling with you! My dream destination is Bora Bora!

  19. Your pictures are amazing and so inspiring. My dream trip would be to Turks and Caicos. Even though your pictures have made me want to go to Tulum and Bali ��


  20. Anonymous6/29/2019

    Viejona agradecida con Dios por tenerte en mi vida tanto que me has enseñado, primero Gracias por llevarnos a Bali contigo en cada imagen que compartías, cómo te conté entre mis tantos lugares que quisiera conocer ahora se me ha metido la idea de ver una Aurora Boreal pero no dejo de lado Colombia, Peru y algún día Tulum (tanto por conocer y uno acá ��)
    Gracias por ser tu, love u ��
    Moni Galindo

  21. Thank you ✨😭😭 its still sureal to know I am a blogger.

    Beautiful pick, I want to go back and visit one as well. Elephant have their own magic. You will visit.


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