Girlfriend Reunion


When you grow up (whatever that means) you find that hanging out with your amigas becomes more of an effort and it actually requires planning ahead.  Friendships are a relationship and thus you have to put in love, time, effort and dedication in order to cherish and maintain them.  Two of my closest amigas came to visit, Monica from Colorado and Luz from Florida.  They both put in the effort to make their schedules fit this little getaway.  Although another dear friend of mine could not make it she was very much missed and as a friend understanding is just as important.

SOoo, we went all out.  My family and friends know how EXTRA AF I am.
I am super detailed oriented and have an immense imagination.  I knew I wanted to have my cute AF pictures because #instagram and glam life.  We packed wine glasses,  cheese board, string lights, blankets, cushions etc and off we went.

This time we headed to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina only a two hour drive from mi casa.  It is one of my favorite beaches in N.C due to its relaxed and less touristy vibe.

We booked one night at this Airbnb (click HERE ) that Robert managed with professionalism, kindness and punctuality.  We all recommend it 100%.  If you book don't forget to make the best of the experience as this is literally like camping except its in the ocean.  This means you have to check what its included as silverware, mugs, pans etc before you pack.  I brought my french press and coffee not knowing if it had a pan to heat up the water but thankfully we found several pans.  We even heated up some shrimp and made shrimp tacos.  It is such a unique and fun experience.  This was my second time "camping" on a boat; it only keeps getting better.
The boat is anchored in the middle of the water so to reach it our Airbnb host had a small motor boat that took us all comfortably to our getaway.  You always have the option to be picked up at anytime in case you need to make a trip back or want to grab dinner at a restaurant.  We stayed in the sailor boat the entire time. 

On the Menu:

  • Charcuterie Board (my board is from Homegoods, all food/cheeses from Whole Foods)
  • Mozzarella Tomatoes 
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Toasted Marshmallows
  • Guacamole with chips
  • Sandwich "staple"
  • Spritz
  • Mojitos
  • Island Coastal Lager #takeiteasy
  • Hot Cheetos 😎

Our Airbnb included two paddle boards so we took advantage of them.  Maye and I paddle boarded in the rain; it was a very movie scene feel.  Have to thank Maye for always pushing me out of my comfort zone.

One of my absolute favorite things to do at the beach is walk around and explore the shops and little boutiques. We stopped at a souvenir store, we ate acai bowls, bought matching bracelets, drank a beer or two and visited a hidden gem spot; the beach mailbox.

About two years ago Maye (aka my husband) and I visited this beach in winter time.  He took me to this little hidden gem I had never heard about.  Back then there were about 5 mailboxes but today only a double one still holds on.  Inside people place lost/found items and letters.  Their is also a book were you write down whatever you wish. In it you can find some very deep letters; its quite interesting.

If your in the area check it out, its right HERE .

( Shorts: Vintage Levi, Top: UA , Hat: Venice, Italy, Rope Sandals: ZARA )

Half asleep and extremely tired we ended our weekend back at mi casa.  I am very grateful to have shared this experience with them and my husband who is always such a supportive and happy soul.

Thank you God!


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