Our Sweet Little Getaway


Back in January I had wanderlust fever and found myself searching cute little places close by for Maye and I to simply go and relax.  Airbnb has always been the place to look for these magical little hidden gems.  Here in North Carolina, we have the pleasure of having the ocean and the mountains just a few hours away.  I wanted to visit the mountains during the summertime as we tend to visit during our annual, now a family tradition Christmas tree cutting trip in the winter.  I came across this little gem and booked it without knowing how our lives would be in July.

Luckily it all worked out.  I packed my string lights, candles, blankets, bowls, cups and off we headed to out little getaway for the weekend.

( Hat: Here , Jeans: 501 Levi's,  top: Forever21 (old)

It was about a four hour drive from Wake Forest, NC.  We actually love road trips since it allows us to chit chat, catch up on Netflix (currently watching Rbi 😂), enjoy our company and eat snacks.  Once we started the drive up the mountain where the Airbnb was located we lost signal; we did get signal in some places around the airbnb.  Not being glued to our phones worked perfectly on our favor; we laughed so much and just enjoyed the view and our presence.

So!! where is this Airbnb right?  

AIRBNB LINK: click here

Its located in Pisgah Highlands, just a quick 20 minute drive from Asheville, NC. Our host Haley had everything set for our stay.  She will give you detailed information in ALL that you need to know.  If you book it, make sure you read everything carefully.  Also, book in ADVANCE since this little gem is apparently super popular.  
 ( Shoes, green mini bag, jean jacket: RUMORS  sells super affordable great pieces, Pink Cardigan: HERE (always get TONS of questions on this)

The best way I can describe this experience is like a glamping style aka glam camping.  Here's a list of things this mini cabin offers: solar panner shower with rain water, "the office" aka porta potty, quiet AF since your at the top of the mountain, privacy, relaxation, has a double swing ahh!, fire pit, amazing view, bed is amazing, gas stove that was so cool to cook on, garage door with screen cover to keep bugs away, kitchen utensils, coffee french press AND drip, board games, ... I COULD GO ON AND ON! 

The house is TINY looking but once your there...you find it cozy AF and actually perfect.

I love how he participates in my cursi fotos.  Get you a man that will do anything to make you 
H A P P Y!

Ismael helped me put up my string lights, and set the ambiance.  The stars looked so beautiful, don't forget to take the time and admire our world; even the chinches were happy lol
Waking up early with this view..esto es vida

The outdoor shower was one of the things I was so excited about. lol

Food wise we packet convenient items that we love to eat.  For dinner the night before I made veggie hotdogs (I couldn't remember the last time I had a hotdog).  Make sure to pack a cooler and ice as a fridge is the only thing they do not provide. We packed: s'mores, wine, fruit, cooking spray, salt/pepper, a non stick pan, my favorite coffee and some other little snacks.  

As I have mentioned before, go out and E X P L O R E! You do not need to leave your state or spend thousands to have a unique experience with your love ones or yourself.  I hope you liked this post ...till next one. :) 

With Love,


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