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Back when Ismael and I were just dating we always dreamed of taking a super fabulous honeymoon.  During that time neither of us had the means so it was merely a dream. Fast forward to 2017, we had the wedding of our dreams and the means but a major decision needed to be made.  We ended up having to make the decision of buying a home or go on our fabulous honeymoon. We opted for the smarter decision and we bought our first home! 

A year later
I started my first job as a nurse, we had moved into our house and the time just seemed right.  Ismael and I talked about it and we agreed on dates etc and thus I began to plan my heart out for what would become one of the most memorable times in our lives.

I will go in full detail in regards planning once I have finished this honeymoon series.  And YES! I am calling it a honeymoon even though it was not right after our wedding because thats what it was for us.

This is the order in which we traveled and thus how I will space out the posts.
P A R I S  --> SANTORI --> MYKONO --> POSITANO --> CAPRI --> ROME --> VENICE --> BARCELONA --> PARIS (to depart back home, this saved us $ and we got to see Paris again)

Paris, the city of L O V E! I had once visited with my mother and sister but the experience was completely different.  Experiencing Paris with your significant other allows you to see and experience everything with joy, love and appreciation.  Many couples dream of coming here like we once did so being able to walk in its streets with my husband whose one of life dreams was to visit this city was in itself surreal, magical and extremely romantic.

( Floral Romper: Showpo, Shoes: White Vans )

Where we stayed

We stayed at Hotel Monte Cristo ParisThere were ton of beautiful hotels where we wanted to stay but somehow they did not feel right not to mention three of my other favs were fully booked.  While doing my research I came upon this newly opened hotel and it just felt me.

Hotel Monte Cristo has luxurious decor with exoitc bird touches, exotic plants, rattan furniture, pool, bar, street view, velvet furniture and hand painted walls  in every room by the talented Christoff Debuscherre.  It is named after the famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo taking place between 1815-1839 during the Bourbon Restoration era.  It made us feel FANCY AF and in a new parisian vibe no other hotel that I could find offered; unique experience.

Once inside they have this particular smell that till this day I continue to hunt for.  The closest I can describe is Hibiscus Sangria Target Candle from their Bohemian Collection.  If you feel attracted to this particular style of home decor check out Target Bohemian home decor collection.  I can admit that my home decor has become an inspiration of many places like this that I have visited; but house post is on another post to come. 

( Stripped White dress: Bought in Paris at Mango,  similar here,  similar Here ) 

( Ripped black denim: Fashion Nova, Red Belt Bag: ALDO, Similar here, Necklace: Miranda Frye )
Our stay included a complementary drink that we sure did take on our first night out.  The hotel also provides bikes, a beautiful Moroccan style pool, and yummy breakfast.  The staff was very attentive, nice and welcoming.  A plus we never thought about until we were resting is how peaceful and quite the neighborhood was.  After full days of exploring returning to a quite welcoming boutique style hotel away from big streets was way more that we could ask for.

A lovely experence

We didn't have a set intinetary or restaurant reservations.  We wanted this whole trip to be spur of the moment and just "go with the flow" type of vibe.  I did purchase online tickets ahead for the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower but everything else we just winged it.

+ Louvre tickets; HERE
+ Eiffel Tower tickets:  HERE

I had a list of places we both wanted to visit, while I was getting ready we would decide which ones we wanted to see each day to make sure we saw all the major ones we wanted to see.  Of course we did not see everything we wanted but it just left us hungry to go back for more.

Here are the places we visited:

+ Eiffel Tower : at night, during day and sunset.  It was "the spot" to start or finish your day.  We just couldn't get enough of this beauty.  Funny story when I visited the first time I highly disliked it.  I just remember seeing it on a rainy cold day wearing the most uncomfortable shoes.  Gonna say that my moody AF self is what killed my epic Eiffel Tower vibe.  This time around with my was romantic AF!

+ Louvre: A must visit place.  First time inside where we got to see the famous Mona Lisa painting that to be honest had nothing special about it.  I feel the museum had WAY more interesting and beautiful art pieces worth capturing.  The painting is quite smaller than I thought.  As we approached it a crazy crowd of crazy tourist surrounded it; I was not one of them but Maye was lol!  Judge for yourself and pay it a visit, after all its the most famous museum in the world.

+ Notre Dame De Paris Cathedral: First off, the most recent tragic incident where the cathedral lit in fire is sad and it did touched us since we had just been there.  Hoping for it to return to its beautiful state it dawn to me that it will never be the same.  Lucky to have experienced it and admired its beauty before the fire/renovations.
We actually did not go in, instead we opted for admiring the beauty outside.  Like the Louvre this place is worth returning at night.  Night life gives it magical feel.

+ Arc de Triomphe: While we waited for our room to be ready we headed to explore right away.  This was our first stop.  Oh how beautiful and enormous it is.  The traffic going around it and the many birds make it feel alive.

+ Champs - Elysees: While at the Arc de Triomphe get some shopping done; Paris shopping is a bit too much for me; I felt overwhelmed AF! I did my shopping a little here and there.  When I walked into ZARA, the line was crazy long, the girls shop aggressive here haha so beware.  Just when I thought I shopped a lot Parisian girls proved me wrong.

+ Montmartre: Forever my favorite place in Paris.  Its full of artists, cute coffee shops and a cobble stone streets.  It is the cutes to walk around in.  We literary just explored it, drank some tea, wine and laughed so much.  Como para caminar de manita.

+Tuileries Garden: perfect place to get away from busy Parisian life, enjoy family and just relax.  I feel as if this is the perfect Sunday afternoon spot.  We walked around, relaxed and did the creepy people watching.

+ Place De La Concorde: cute little plaza we accidently found ourself in after Tuileries Garden.

+ Pont Alexander and Le Pont de Arts:  Pont Alexander was another accidental walking around "oh look" find. It beautiful bridge with gold details. Now if you don't know I LOVE Sex and The City, I consider myself a true fan of this comical sexual series.  One the last episode of S&TC Carrie meets Mr. Big at Le Pont de Arts so naturally your girl had to here.

+ Saint- Chapelle: cute, detailed smaller sized chapel.

Those were the main things we saw/experienced.  Every day was filled with walking around in the most amazing summer/fall weather feel.  We actually visited during first week of September and it was perfect.  You could dress as spring/summer/fall/ light winter all in one day.

( Sunglasses: Ray- Ban, Cap: Lack of Color )

( Shorts are 501 Levi's, Tops is from Ross, Crossbody Bag: Tory Burch )

 ( La Maison Rose Paris, located in Mont Martre grap a tea/coffee and sit back) 


I guess second round is the winner since my first visit in Paris the food experience was meh.  This time I was going to experience yummy Parisian food, and so I did :) 

For my birthday all I wanted was a pizza, a cocktail and to be chilling by the river.  Ismael offered to get me a fancy dinner but somehow all I wanted was to chill and enjoy the simple life with him.  He took me to this cute little place by the river as a suprise; I loved everything about it. I have failed to find this gem on google but maybe look HERE for some cute hangout spots in Paris. 

At Laduree Paris in Champs Elysees for my Birthday doing popis stuff. 
 First time having Lavender ice cream, so delicious.  I don't even know where we were here, looks like Latin Quarter; we just stumble upon this cute little valley.  
 My Favorite: Croissants!! LOVE THEM!

Till we meet again

Finishing this post I relived our time in Paris and I will admit I am a bit chillona and emotional. So what did I love the most about Paris is what I often get asked? everything! having zero expectations and letting the city enchant me.  But if I was to pick one thing it would be seeing Maye's face when he saw the Eiffel Tower; one of his dream places.  Nothing can surpass that feeling.

Till we meet again Paris. Te ame!

With Love,


  1. Loved this!!! Congrats! Felt like I was in Paris myself!!!

    1. yess!! so happy you liked it much love!

  2. Anonymous8/21/2019

    Absolutely loved this post ! Dreaming of Paris a little extra now <3 - Eviee R.

    1. Thank you very much! Paris will forever be dreamy!

  3. I loved you sharing that part of how you decided to have pizza and drinks and enjoy the simplicity to life.

    Also, the lavender ice cream.

    Thank you for sharing. I will be thinking of you once I make it to this lovely place. ❤️

    1. Simplicity will forever be my best friend, its the key to a happy anything.

      girl the Lavender ice cream was so yummy!!

      & Thank you for reading it! much appreciation girl!


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