Chapter 28


Here is to Chapter 28 of my life. 
A day like today, 28 years ago a little girl was born (eso si bien pelona).  Born into a humble, simple home in Durango, Mexico.  I am the youngest of five children, la bebe de la familia.  Born to a home full of hidden issues but very beloved where nunca me falto nada.  I have zero complaints about my childhood as it was the kind that you don't see much nowadays. Few of us are lucky to have experience it.  As an adult I feel blessed to have had that unique kind of childhood; the kind you experience in Mexico.

El Troncon, Durango Mexico is the little town I am from.  So small only one car fits there at a time.  Kids walk to and from school, there is no post office, no radio, no big supermarkets just tienditas and everyone know each other. I still remember we had no pavement streets back then, and no house phones.  In my pueblito moms or abuelitas or in my case too older sisters would take turns to go physically cook meals from scratch at our only school.  I would carry a plate, cup and silverware in my backpack and we would eat lunch in our classroom; there was no cafeteria.  Recess was my favorite part of going to school; I used to love climbing trees, play la liga and eat duritos con chile de Lurdes Marchena with a boli.  

I remember so vividly playing with dirt, making casitas de soquete, eating powder milk under the table so mom wouldn't see me, going to get agua con la vecina dona Josefa or asking her for some sugar because we had ran out.  My best friend as a kid was a boy. We used to play hide and seek in my Papa Pedro (grandpa) barbecho/corn fields.  Church on Sunday's was sacred; we never missed a day.  I remember my clases de catesismo/first communion classes being though by muchachas with the little book that has that little girl on the cover, the one that looks so peaceful.

I was gifted life lessons from an early on age.  Gracias Dios, gracias universe and gracias to my mom, Lily(older sister)  and Coyita (grandma) whom have sacrificed the most.  
( yeap those are burn marks, I was crawling in the side walk during an obvious HOT HOT summer day in Mexico; where was mom? working for her familia, where was my caregiver? it was my older sister who was still a child herself distracted being a child...why was I and Juanis smiling? because we knew we were gonna conquistar el mundillo hahaha ) 

Can we take a moment to appreciate my badass hat.  Remember my kindergarden story? I was the only little girl with short short hair.  All girls had big ass bowls and here I was making a statement in my stylish AF palma hat haha! 
( I was Queen of Spring/ Reina de la Primavera when I was in 1st or 2nd grade.  quick story: as part of being "the queen" you had to sit in a thrown during a festival. No single human asked me if I needed anything.  So being the child I was....I had to pee....I held it for as much as I could.. and... well... I could no longer hold it so I peed! Yeap, I peed right in my royal gown, in a fancy chair that the school borrowed from a lady I still feel sorry for.  At the end of the festival the Queen and King did a "last royal walk" (this is so funny and cute to me now) and well my royal cape was wet, the royal walk was in pavement... I was leaving a long wet strike as I walked in front of sooo many people...oh beautiful childhood.  "pues ya me andava" is all I said.

At my 28 years of life I have learned to love the shit out of myself.  To be proud of where I came from, where I am standing and where I am heading. I belong to no one but myself.  Being a wife does not define me, it doesn't rob me of anything.  I am not my husband's property, I will never ask for permission to do anything.  God blessed me with a man who has a soul of gold and a forever child spirit.  I share my life with him as so does him with me; we chose to walk life together.

I have learned to love better, to need but to learn how to live without, that the best days in life are never planned, that the richest people are not those with lots of materials but those who have lived intensely,  that I do not fear dying.  I have learned that things are not what they are worth but what they signify to us.... that a day is not less special because is not your birthday.

...... I have learned that traveling is unforgettable, not for where you went but with whom.... I have learned that the only acceptable jokes are the ones that make both the teller and listener laugh.  I have learned that the real good things in life don't come easy... that I have a special soul and purpose, that no one else in this planet is like me.... I have learned to care for my body, mind and spirit... I have learned that I am full of flaws, that I am a perfectionist, that I am straight up and I am not for everyone...that friendships are very important to me but that I need to be met in the middle, that familia before anything.  I have learned that when I care I fucking care. I have learned that society is full of shit....; I have learned that 28 is merely a number with no definition more or less as I wish to give it.  


Cheers to Chapter 28, where I am currently living my best life, my dream profession as a Nurse, a rising Blogger, dog mom AF, and a supportive wife.  Is this where I envision myself at 28? no, but its where God and the Universe felt I needed to be so we kicking ass.  Salud! (P.S. Shoutout to my amazing husband for shooting this Birthday look, going with my ideas, blowing his lungs out to fill up all those letters and for the careful and detail placement, Te Amo!)
Happy 28th!Birthday to me      bitches!


  1. Vanessa9/02/2019

    This is so cuteee!! ������

    1. (^_^) THANK YOU!! I enjoyed shooting it!

  2. Hahahah loved the Reyna story ������
    Es que ya me andava����

  3. Ouchhh! Esas quemadotas! I too used to eat powdered leche! -_- lol


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