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( White pumpkins:HOMEGOODSsimilar here // Brown Pumpkin and Left chair also Home Goods // Plants: Home Depot, easy to find at any grocery store too // Door Matt: Target // Door WreathTARGET // Basket: Target  // Outdoor seating area: IKEA but unable to find for unknown reason on their sites, found it here too: Ikea via Walmart, Round rattan side table/stool HomeGoods. )

My seasons home decor is always very chill.  I do not like to over do the decor part of Fall/Halloween so I keep everything very chick and minimal.  This year
I got a bit creative but kept color scheme white, tan/brown, black and hints of yellow tones.  When I think fall I instantly think the word "cozy" so that is the vibe I aim to achieve with my decor; no pumpkin pillows here!

I have never shared anything about my home but that will change moving on forward.  I have received many messages of women asking me details about my home decor.  I hadn't shared because I felt it was not "complete" but as of lately I got the feeling it will never be completely done so why not share anyways.

My vibe is a complete mix of boho, Moroccan, minimalist, and my forever love for white.  My style sort of emerged out of my travels.  When I first visited Tulum back in 2017 I was immediately drawn to the rattan, natural furniture vibe with welcoming cozy feeling.  Tulum played a major inspirational shift in my home decor.  From there on I have been letting my style evolve to what it is now.  I used to hate wood color anything and now I am all about it; it gives a warmth feeling to any place in my opinion.

( Rug: 8X10 RugsUSA // Moroccan PoufAmazon // Coffee Table Wayfair // Natual Dry 
Bunny Tail: ETSY // White Rectangle Tray: CB2 // Couch: West Elm (ours is from West Elm Outlet in Asheville, NC // Black & white throw pillowTarget on SALE! // Black pillow is from Bali // White Throw Pillow HomeGoods, just saw it again // Constellation pillow Target, similar here, Corner chair is vintage from Raleigh Vintage // Plant Basket is Target, SOLD OUT, Similar here)

Over the years I have acquire a thing or two on how to style a home.  I am no expert but I do get a lot of inspiration from others, Pinterest and instagram but how to make each home feel cozy, welcoming and zen is something they often do not share.  So let me share a few tips on home styling I have learned that will make your place feel more welcoming, peaceful and inviting.

+ Stay neutral: skip the reds, the greens, oranges etc.  Choose furniture that is neutral, stick to light wall color paint and light kitchen.  Light colors go best as you can always darken it with throw pillow they also add freshness and calm feeling to any space.

+ Minimal decor: Now not everyone has my taste but I do one thing right all over my house and that is minimal decor.  I have zero picture frames in my living room, book shelves, books laying around,  visible remote controls, or excessive throw pillows etc.  You get the idea. The less the better. The more space you have..you are guaranteed to fill it up with unnecessary shit like the ever quinceanera recordatorio that no one ever cares about. So keep it minimal even with hanging picture frames.

+ Choose large wall art, frames or pictures: I have zero picture frames hanging in my house; geez I am starting to sound anti family photos.haha but no seriously tone it down.  My sister has what I call "wall of fame" where she has her family photos etc.  Hey if that is your taste, go for it! BUT do it right.  Keep it coordinated (black and white) or for example three large photos that vibe off each other like single family photoshoot.  Someone told me to hang my wedding picture above my fireplace..ummm nooo haney!! nooo! 

+ Stick to color palette throughout the house:  My base colors are white, grey, light wood and black.  I will add according to my feeling, for example for spring I like tones of light pink, or sometimes light blue.  I achieve this with throw pillow.  For Christmas I bring out my chunky knit blankets, my cozy throw pillows etc.  For Christmas I used to do a baby blue tree, never again; now I prefer a more clean tone white, fuzzy and brown tones that match my house. In every bed I have white bedding; this again keeps the vibe going. 

+ Stay away from furniture sets: nothing screams more lack of authenticity as does a bought set like the bedframe, side tables and dresser ALL looking THE SAME! You walk in the bedroom and get the feeling of back in the days "el tio rico" or parents room/casa vibe.  We have so so many options available now online there is no need to purchase "sets". Please do not do this. It is my BIGGEST pet-peeve. Rant over. LOL.

+ Neutral bedding: This allows you to play with adding decor more easily. I have white bedding in all my house beds.  When I want a change, its as easy as changing the throw pillows and throw blanket.  Makes any room look so aesthetic! 

+ Add plants: They make any space go alive! plants are magical okay! My favorite ones are Fiddle Leaf, Snake plant, Bird of Paradise and Ivy. Hand them up to add visual to the ceiling. I like to place mine in wood baskets.

+ Candles: They smell good, they give a space that calm and zen feeling plus they make for cute minimal home decor.  My favorite one is Leaf by Bath and Body Works, you can find affordable ones at TJMaxx, Home Goods and Ross.  Target recently upped their candle collections so check it out.  Nothing says this bitch has her life together as a good smelly house.  Choose warmth smells; I dislike food smell ones like waffle cone pumpkin. 

( Table: Ikea, got mine for Craigslist years ago for $20 // Chairs: Hayneedle my first furniture purchase back in 2013 // Glass Base: do not remember :( sorry // Pampas Grass: Etsy 3 stems, the other 3 found at a coffee shop's trashcan :) // Placemat: similar herehere // Record Player (wedding gift): Target )

Dia de Muertos Altar now a tradition for us.  When did I become full of traditions? but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being such a unique and inspiring human being.  Genuinely love inspiring others.

All sugar skulls etc are from various places in Mexico like San Miguel de Allende, Tulum and Oaxaca.  One dream of mine is to visit Oaxaca during Dia De Muertos and experience this beautiful Mexican Tradition. 

With Love,

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