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September 30th marks our 2 year church wedding anniversary.  I had originally intended to post details about our wedding but somehow I still find this date to be SO personal that I am unsure.  Let me know if you would be down for me to post ALL about me micromanaging and planning our dream wedding.

Believe it or not we actually did not have anything planned.  But the travel bug kicked in and I straight up asked Ismael to pick from the 5 places I offered to take us for our Anniversary trip.  Yes, I paid for it out of my own pocket.  Maye chose Los Cabos San Lucas located in Baja California state in my beloved Mexico.  I jumped into Expedia and booked our flights... did my usual instagram # research and found the most unique boutique hotel in Los Cabos.

 The Cape went overboard with making us feel special and welcomed! We had special details everyday that made us feel valued and made our Anniversary trip more magical.

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at  The Cape, A Thompson Hotel, ( in the King Bed Deluxe With Ocean View room) this is a Luxurious Boutique style hotel compared to the others I researched.  All inclusive options? umm no thanks! we are not the type that likes to stay in large resorts.  We prefer to get a more personal experience.

Someone asked me how do I manage to find such unique and cute hotels.  I have one answer.  I do my research and I do not settle for the first find.  I went back and forth between The Cape and others but The Cape managed to get the luxurious, the cozy, elegant Cabo feeling I was looking for AND they had a bath tub ;).  My only rule: I do not want a  Margarita Ville looking resort when in Mexico.

Let's get into the details: The hotel is secluded in my opinion making it even more unique.  It is gated and you have to check in with staff at the gate (even if you are Uber, activity transport etc) that person tells front desk and they now know whom to welcome.  They have "valet" parking, took our luggage to our room, and welcomed us with cold water bottle.  Everyone from the cleaning personnel to the staff at the pool, the concierges provided us top customer service.  We have traveled many places and by far this has been the best experience with staff that we've had.  

They have two restaurants, a place called "glass box" where you can find the most unique coffee cocktails and good vibe feels, Manta restaurant for dinner (we highly recommend, it was that good we went back for a second taste), Breakfast restaurant is so delicious while keeping Mexican original dishes, the pool bar is another great plus.  To top it off they have a roof top; the only roof top of Los Cabos.  We headed up on Saturday night and enjoyed some drinks with live music. Did I mention we could see the famous Arch of Los Cabos from our hotel; it was directly in front of it.  They had a open concept from the lobby all the way to the restaurant, at night they lid fire pits, and the lights were always deemed( my favorite vibe), not to forget live serene music in the lobby area and a pool table with another cocktail bar in the middle of this open concept space. Can I go back already.

Is it safe to say we highly recommend it? 

Let's talk marriage....

I feel as if people see us on social media and think we are "the perfect couple".  Please do not think this of us. We are human just as everyone else. We are far from perfect and so is our marriage.  With that said someone asked me how has marriage been? what advice would I give? and told me that Maye and I always look so happy.

There is no key to marriage.  Each one is unique.  Do not compare it to others, do not set unachievable expectations from it either.  Listen to it and let it flow.

Maye and I have been together since I was 18 years old.  That's a decade.  We have learned a lot from each other, we have grown together and have found whom we are as individuals.

So how has marriage been? a fucking roller coaster tbh.  No walk in the park here by no means.  It has been FULL of struggles but the HAPPY and Joyful moments have and hopefully always will surpass the bad ones.  Challenging situations will forever be there.  These allows us as a marriage to grow, learn, reflect and move on stronger.  Marriage is no different than living with your love one but for us saying "yes I do" made our bond stronger and in an agreement to be there fighting through the good and the bad.  I do not take marriage lightly and neither does my husband.  

What advice would I give?  Learn to grow together or else you will end up growing apart.  When I become more deeper in my inner self my husband felt he was loosing me.  He felt I was getting "too deep" at times and he could not connect with me.  So what did he do? he told me, we talked and we worked it out.  Honest be, I was just challenging him to grow too and he had two choices.  Call me a crazy deep bitch or try to grow with me.  And so he grew with me and thought me a valuable lesson: not everything has to be so deep, there is beauty within superficial talk too, it's all up to us to see it.  

That we always look so happy, honestly YES! If you see us looking happy is because 95% of the time we are genuinely happy af! this comes from us not taking ourselves too serious. We don't get in the "grown up" mood.  We watch cartoons, we go play arcade, we play children's game, get overly excited over the simple things in life, we have a dynamic where we feed of each other's happy vibes.  Currently overly happy about decorating for Halloween.  You get the idea.  Never grow up in your heart and keep that children spirit alive forever! 

Cabo sunsets were on steroids! It was something to look forward to at the end of the day.  
( I was seriously obsessed with how my husband looked this whole trip. 😍

What to do in Cabo:

The options are actually A LOT! We decided to do more of relaxing and spending time with ourselves than our usual agenda filled trips.  I wanted to actually relax not feel sore from horse back riding.  Ismael is not the type to just chill, he is sporty and adventurous so him going with the vibe made me very happy.

In case you do want to do a lot here are a couple of things you can do:
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV
  • Camel ride
  • Rent a yacht ( we were planning this and almost booked it but backed out last min, so glad we did!)
  • Chill by the pool and drink cocktails LOL
  • Water sports
  • Swimming with dolphins but we have mix feelings about this so we would never.
  • Visit the famous Arch of Cabo
  • SURFING! in front of our hotel surfers always welcomed us in the morning
  • Walk in The Marina and do some shopping.  They also have a mercado in this area for all your souvenirs.  
  • Take a Sail Boat trip. We did this with Cabo Adventures. they provided excellent service. check them out. 
  • If you dare, take the 2 hour drive to La Paz, where one of the most beautiful beaches is at, Balandra.
  • Relax, relax and relax!

“A good marriage is one which allows for change and growth in the individuals and in the way they express their love.” – Pearl S. Buck

With Love,


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    How awesome, love your blog. Travel tips are always nice and I really enjoy your thoughts on marriage. Congrats girl! -sandiigiisela

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