How to Keep a Relationship Fun


(Amazing Photography by Joanna Herrera ) 

Its quite amazing to think Ismael and I have been together since I was 18 years old; that is a whole decade together.  When I first met him I was not wanting to date anyone and wanted to just let "the one" find me .  Fast forward a whole 2 days later and I met Ismael.  Is it too cliche if I say its true what they say when you meet the right one you absolutely know!

I don't consider it love at first sight but more of a I want get to know you so bad and I want you to see how loyal, amazing and unique I am! I was 18 so please cut me some slack.  Since we started dating I became obsessed with trying new things with him.  Before Ismael I would do the usual; movies, mall, club on Saturdays, church on Sunday.  It was like I met my Diego and my Dora the explorer went on full effect!

And so I thought I would share how we have manage to keep till this day our relationship fun/spicy/unique.

+ Let go of expectations!  

Now how does this make a relationship more fun? well you allow your significant other to be their true self.  I used to hold up to some high ass expectations for what I believed Ismael should be doing; gift me flowers, buy me gift on special occasions, how dare he forget to txt me back while I am sitting at home and he is working so hard (lol), not remember dates, say please and thank you always (I am a BIG believer on please and thank you's) and the list goes on.  

Once I let go of those expectations I carried, he became a much happier person because he was not constantly feeling like he was "failing me".  In return we both just flourished and became happier.

+ Take trips/get aways/activities

We are constantly doing something new.  Since day one I began planning little get aways, or day trips.  In a relationship there is always that one who is the planner/ information seeker; I am that the one.  Finding new places to go is SO much FUN! When out of your comfort zone you learn so much about the other person and yourself.  Its an experience they probably have not experienced with someone else (ex. the movies, which can even be fun if you make it unique) and thus it becomes memorable.

How do you find such cute places Maggie?
Use hashtags! yes #'s babe! I used them to find my wedding dress, its how I discovered my beautiful Tulum, and its how I find fun things to do in my area.  Mainly use them on Instagram, screen shot it and save it for when the occasion arises. 

+ Look good!

When we first met I used to dress quite sexy, then as I began to grow etc my style changed and I sort of stopped caring how I looked.  It took a comment from Ismael to reevaluate my style, effort in looking decent and why I let go.  Recently my husband has asked me to dress more sexy! haha yes he sure did.  So now I find myself dressing in many styles that are who I am while ensuring to look presentable and sometimes to spice things up I dress a bit more sexy.

The power of looking good is real.  You can not deny that when you dress cute, your man looks handsome with clean haircut etc you both are just happy AF feeling all cute and sh*t.  Do help each other out, and communicate when you feel your partner has let go of this.  Ismael was lacking shoes so he dressed the same for months until I noticed and went crazy buying him 10 pairs of shoes! lol. He is also a busy gal so I do buy him clothes; no shame on it.

+ Don't forget to be a kid

Ismael is truly a kid at heart and I absolutely love that about him! It makes everything so much fun!! We enjoy cartoon movies, his favorite cartoon show is the Simpsons and although is not my fav I sure do love watching it with him. During my sister's wedding, children were getting on this mini zip line; dressed and in heels I got on it and had so much fun; the "adults" laughed their assess off and just said "ay Malena" but guess what! all my other girl friends followed and it made Ismael and I laugh so much.  

We don't have children yet but we have many nieces/nephews and we are never "too grown" to not play with them.  We enjoy soccer, even the playground, video games, cos playing and anything in between.  So let loose and let your inner child come out, let go of that "grown up" mindset.  

+ Make time

The more we have grown the less free time we have but we always make the time for what is important to us.  Coffee dates, grabbing a cocktail, going on walk at park, brunch at home, exploring a city like downtown or as of recent going to the gym together (he txts me "wanna watch a movie together in the movie room? fills my heart.) or even movie night at home.  Making the time for each other is key as it breaks up the routine.

+ Try new things

Changing up your atmosphere is the best medicine to keep things spicy and fun.  Try a new cocktail bar, pick a new date night restaurant, and get away from the usual places you visit.  Sometimes we hit up the arcade, golfing (turns out I suck at it), snowboarding, a new cocktail from the usual, new church to go to mass.  You get the point ;) 

+ Be a team

Lastly be a team! my husband and I are the best team.  When we travel he is in charge of transportation/GPS/ finding how to get us to our destination while I am in charge of the destination. If we clean the house he helps me out with moping, dishes etc.  Any task we see each other doing we both check to see if the other needs anything or how we can help.  We truly became a team from our many travels that has carried into our everyday lives.  We do not believe in this like "that's the female or male job", we are both in this together.

Again big thank you to Joanna for taking these beautiful and unique photos of us.  She was adorable to shoot with, super chill fun and good vibe person.  Here is her Instagram for those whom are interested in booking with her : Joanna Herrera.  

With Love,


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