My Bohemian Dream Office


Two years ago we moved into our new home and ever since we moved I had planned to set up my office right away; jokes on me.  The main reason behind why I never did it? I believe it to be mainly due to my busy agenda and always putting everything else first before myself and excuses.  This 2020 we are going all in and this included setting up my bohemian dream office.

When I was in Nursing School I had my office and it literally made me want to go in and study from how cute and inspiring it was to me.  But once we moved those things from my previous office no longer felt like "me".  My style had changed and the space that used to inspire me now made me feel cluttered.  I ended up "setting up" a room but the lightning was minimal and I never wanted to go in there. So I said to myself let's change it up this 2020.  Now that I have my true decor feel down, I knew exactly how I wanted my office to feel and look!

Rattan everything, white!, natural light, zen, cozy, green plants!,minimal with touches of pink is how I pictured my office to look like and feel like.  Happy to say I have achieved it. Only thing missing is way MORE plants...a mirror and more "magic". I will update this post once I add more touches; but I couldn't resist not sharing!

From what I shared on Instagram (@chiimpu) it seems you gals are loving my office vibe just as much.

The first thing I did was move out the bedroom we had already set up in this space.  I LOVE! natural light and since this room is the only one with double windows I decided to make this my office space.  Everything, with exception of the ladder some frames and pillows,  I already had scattered in my house.  If you are planning on setting up your office first declutter, look around to what you have at home and then get to it.

Give Me the Details Girl!

+ Desk: Ikea ( I have plans to change it, but I am also on saving mode so this will have to wait)
+ Desk Chair: Target (on sale! )
+ Desk chair cushion:   Target
 and throw blanket: Target: similar here
+ Basket(right of desk): Ikea
+ Ladder: Anthropologie (I got it on sale)
+ Both rugs are from Oaxaca (Blog post on it here )
+ Throw pillows in floor are from Bali (Blog post here ) 
+ Soft Pink Throw pillow: Target (couldn't find it online but its a recent purchase)
+ Rattan Chair : Urban Outfitters
+ Side Table: Target
+ Curtains: Ikea

There you have it my friends! Like I mentioned above, any updates I will ensure to post here.  If you see anything I would like please tag me on Instagram.

& so are you one of those people like me that just thrived off clean, dreamy and good vibe ambiance?


With Love,


  1. You’re home is goals!

  2. When my company gets to be big and we’re able to afford staging, you’ll be the person i call :)
    (I still can you now but you know what I mean, staging for furniture and all :)


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