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I sit here to share a personal post as for me my first ever Vision Board holds all the special things and moments I look forward to in 2020.  While talking to Ismael and stating how I felt hesitant to share my board with many unknown readers and observers he convinced me otherwise.  He told me to share it because I could possibly inspire at least one person to go after something they have been wanting to this year; he is absolutely right.

Please do not judge my vision board and keep in mind this is MINE.  I am sharing MY Vision for 2020.  It is what inspires me when I sit down at my desk and I LOVE IT.  Already planning to do this next year.

For you hard working people out there I know time is not always in your favor so perhaps just keeping a Pinterest board of those images that you can look back to is what will work for you.  Remember the goal is growth not perfection.

So what is a vision board?

Pretty simple, a visual representation of your ideas/dreams/aspirations.  This can be done for pretty much anything, from baby shower, to wedding, home decor and so much more.  I decided to do one for this beautiful year, 2020! I am a visual learner; learn it the hard way in Nursing School.  So it only made sense to give this idea a try.

Where to get images from?

You can research in magazines, books, newspaper or like I did using Pinterest.  I made a board for 2020 and then printed some images out.  Before I got to image searching I made a list of things I wanted to achieve this 2020.  After my list was complete I went crazy searching for images that made me feel that deep joyful feeling.  When picking out what to place on my board I focused on ALL areas of my life; health, money, career, travel, self love and much more.  You decide how much and what goes on your board; makes it speak to you, like your daily visual reminder to go out there and kick ass! 

vision board 2020

What's in my vision Board?

*starting from jeep picture(left)  and going up and around.

+ Jeep Image

This is a place in Hawaii I want to visit.  I keep living this moment in my day dreaming moments.  I put it out in the universe but will make a couscous effort to make it happen this 2020.  My vision is to go in a Jeep top down listening to Bob Marley; explore and see the sunrise with Ismael by my side.

+ Acai Bowls

Representing my love for cute AF food and presentation. I want to create bowls at home and perfect a  recipe to share. :)

+10,000 Followers (on Instagram)

I have learned that I do want to grow as a social media influencer. HOWEVER I do not wish to do this without actually helping others, the planet and bringing out positive things from it.  I do not wish to be just another influencer whom makes you want to spend money on clothes, makeup etc.  I aspire to become someone who can influence people to care for this planet, to teach me how to be better, to share and along the way inspire others to become a better version of themselves and of course to learn how to love the fuck out of themselves. This is a whole topic in itself,

+ Bora Bora or Malvides

Still deciding but its happening this 2020 ;) Been on my bucket list.


I want to surround myself with beautiful plants.  to be honest I mainly added this pic because it looks cute and because that is the plant that is thriving in my house so it makes me happy.

+ Eco Friendly

Making conscious effort to step up my eco friendly life style.  More to come on this.

+ Health

I want get to a happy medium with my body and health.  This image gives me feeling of a strong balance woman, so we going for it on the daily.  More so the feeling not so much for the look of the woman as I LOVE my body as is and I am never comparing my body to someone else's. 

+ Aurora Borealis/ Northern light

I got to see them( fingers cross ) this 2020.  Happening so soon!!! ahhh 

+ Self Love

I added a section for me.  This image was taking in Bali when I went with a group of people I didn't know, alone across the world.  Reminder that I am unique, I am special and I have the power to do anything I set my mind to.

+ Somewhere in the world.

This image is from a Hotel in Bali, Indonesia; NO, its not me. But the image gives me a feeling of calm and peaceful.  Thats what I want my home to always feel like.  The decor is also very me.


Last year it was calling my name, unfortunately I didn't work hard enough to make that a reality. This year,.... this year we are going babe... solo trip maybe?

+ Travel

As a reminde.. that girl can be me...maybe not always in first class lol but I can be traveling as much as I want.  Its a reminder that I am going to see this beautiful world this 2020.

+ Land Rover

This is not for 2020, however I wanted to add it because when I feel ready I will buy me my dream car.  This has honestly kept me going while I am signing up for extra shifts at work.  Seeing it makes me keep pushing and continue to work hard and smarter. 


This is a higher level in my nursing career.  I have big goals but very aware that it is a step at a time.  I must take a board certification and become more involve with my unit but its going to happen.  Magdalena Martinez RN , BC CNIII is happening this year. Ya dije! :) 

+ Night Ocean

This image is the only one I will not talk about.  I am not ready for it but know it has a deep connection with Ismael and our future.

+ Save $50,000.

I am doing it! no questions asked. How? by keeping my expenses in check, working more shifts, looking at how I can add sources of income, expanding my mentality on money and overall learning to have a better relationship with money.  

+ Espresso Machine

Your girl needs this coffee maker in her life! I LOVE coffee, so not having one at home has been killing my budget.  I see myself making my own lattes at home in the mornings.  

+ Camping at beach with bonfire

Its something I enjoy a lot and haven't done in past five years or more. I am determine to change it.  It also reminds me of connecting with others and to not isolate myself; quality time with family and friends.  

+ Youtube

I am starting my channel this year.  It has been a long dream of mine, self doubt kicks in and I never get to it but not this year. 

2020 is my year of GROWTH! I will not settle for less than I deserve and will push myself really hard to achive all of the ideas/destinations/things I  have on my board.  If I do not get to them all its ok but trust me when I see those images in my office and I have the power to reach every single one of them its a daily reminder that yes!, I can do it. 

I hope you found this post inspirational.  If you have a vision board share it with me on Instagram and if you haven't done one maybe give it a try; even if its past January you can still make one because it's for YOU my dear.  Bye for now. :) 


With Love,


  1. May you continue to be filled with abudance and hitting all them goals!! Aye! I love you and your post! ��

  2. You can achieve ANYTHING!! This is amazing!

  3. You are amazing!! Great post and visions! Honestly once i get home i will work on my own you made me want to make one so i can see ot everydau! Thank you beautiful!

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