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Spa at home with bath salts

Why self love is important?

I've been told that I am so extra, boujee, fresona, different and they are not wrong! When it comes to self love anything that makes me feel happy, thriving, excited, zen, loved, grounded and at peace in my own body and mind I will do.  This means doing the things most women will not do just because it makes them feel "weird".  Accept it, as a woman we are our own critics when others could care less about the new longita, the new wrinkle in the face, those stretch marks etc.  As an adult woman I am a full believer in loving our bodies and giving ourselves the love we often given others without questioning it.  

Do you have to soak in a bath, drink tea with face mask on to say you're doing "self love"? Absolutely NOT!
When I think of self love I think of respecting myself enough not to tolerate lies, half ass friendships, rude behavior , and not giving others permission to make me feel a way I do not deserve.  It is also allowing myself time to become self aware; sometimes the toxic person in the room is ME. Sitting in my thoughts and learning to think before I speak, so I do not regret it later.  To recharge the way my body best enjoys it; in solitude.  Self love goes deeper than just a bubble bath; although I am here for a bath, some champagne and face mask any day girl. 

So why? why do I think it's important to self love the f*ck out of yourself. Well girl to give love you must have love coming from within.  If you have so much self love to fill your cup then no one can come and try to give you the rest of "love" to fill your cup in exchange for something. That something  will drains you, kill your spirit, take away your dignity, and rob you of self confidence.  If you haven't read the book La Maestria del Amor/ The Mastery of Love by Miguel Ruiz I beg you to buy it and read it.  I first read it five years ago and I always find myself going back to re-read it. 
candle dr.Teal's salt bath

How I Spa at Home?

+ Weekly Epsom Salt Bath

 My favorite kind of bath.  I enjoy bath bombs from Lush once in a while but for the past months I have enjoyed epsom salt baths. My favorite, Dr. Teal's Pure Epsom Salt and best part is bag costs less than $5 and will last you for a month or more. ( click here for some products I enjoy from Target).  Fill up your bath tub with hot/warm water add 1-2 cups of epsom salt, add few drops of lavender scented oil,  add coconut cream bath milk soak, & you can add flowers if you're feeling extra.  Relax and enjoy for anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour. 

Epsom Salt bath benefits: helps stabilize mood, relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Relaxes muscles so if you workout and have sore muscles like me we are double winning here. It contains magnesium which the body will absorb through your pores/skin.  Some reserachers claim it helps reduce inflammation in internal organs helping reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and improve digestion/bowel movement.

+ Turn some candles on

Candles make any ambiance feel zen/relaxed. They set up the mood for you allowing your mind to let go of thoughts and instantly you being to breath slower, calming your nervous system. Make sure to dim some lights to cue the mind it is time to relax and let go. My current favorite at my office: Eucalyptus from Free People.  

+ Face Mask 

I always wanted to make my own at home but I have yet to try.  For now I have been loving Oatifix from Lush ( click here); it hydrates my face during these cold winter months. Other favorites: for brighteningbrighteninghydrating.

+ Exfoliate 

The feeling after a body exfoliation is everything! I do this probably twice a week.  My absolute favorite product is from a company in Mexico, Agua De Nube.  They are completely organic handmade products.  I first discovered them while staying at Azulik in Tulum back in 2017; it leaves my skin baby smooth, and the spirulina helps decrease the appearance of cellulite.  Few of other favorites : coffee scrubRose body polish, and Raw Sugar Scrub(from target).

+ Get rid of those Black heads

Nothing is more satisfying than removing that strip from your nose and eye balling those little suckers like "shit that was on my nose" lol.  I do this to Ismael too and he very much enjoys it.  I get the simple ones from Target ( Biore Charcoal Strips ).  The first time I learn about them was from watching Princess Diaries. lol. 

+ Ambiance Music

Youtube has some awesome ambiance music videos that last up to two hours.  Here is my favorite ones: Jazz vibesIndie/Folkrelaxing indie,  relaxation.  I enjoy playing these in the background while soaking in my bath. If you have Apple Music my current favorite playlist " Romanticas" under Apple Music Pop Latino.  

+ Moisturize your skin

After all the exfoliation and bath soaking nothing feels more relaxing and rejuvenating than layering your body with a good body lotion.  My absolute favorite is  Charity Pot also from Lush.  It has a natural scent, with a cocoa butter base that also aids with stretch mark prevention.  My grandmother, my suegra and about anyone whom I share this with loves it.  At night time after my 12hours shifts I opt for sleepy, infused with lavender and tonka perfume to Zzz the night away.  

+ Drink up

Some days I drink Rosé, others peppermint lemon ginger and honey, green tea, cold water with lemon and others some red wine.  It really depends on how I am feeling.  But more than often I will drink water and Wine in the bath and after to finish up my spa day I drink a good cup of warm tea to soothe my belly and conclude my at home spa day.

self care spa day bath tub candles zen day at home

I hope this was helpful.  It may seem like a lot but start small, you do not have to do it all at once. Remember these are just tips of what I enjoy.  Let me know how you spa at home or if you found this post helpful.  Spa away my wanderlusts and remember to love the f*ck out of yourself because you are worthy.


With Love,

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