Cozy get Away to Candler, NC


Someone asked me how do I find these kinds of place?  lol. I laugh because I guess I have a thing for staying in some very unique and peculiar places.  Ismael is always the best and goes along with my adventures that to be honest end up being 100x better because I am with him.

This airbnb located in Candler, NC is located in the same mountain as the previous Airbnb from last year (Our Sweet little getaway post here ). Located in Pisgah National Forest and just 4 miles away from Blue Ridge Parkway.  There is something about staying in places that get you out of your comfort zone, reminds you of homeland( Mexico) and the peace and excitement behind it all.

Staying in a shipping container with a chimney, outdoor shower and compost toilet will most definitely get your wild child out.  I mean with everything that is going on this opportunity could not have come at a better timing.  This was planned last week as the Airbnb host contacted me and asked me to collaborate.  Haley whom has other Airbnb locations is a superhost and truly loves what she does; the love and detail placed on each Airbnb makes each location very unique.  Can not wait to check her other spots out.

 You can find more information on what Haley offers: CLICK HERE
(Our shipping container airbnb)

We stayed 3 nights and found it to be just the perfect time. We got zero phone signal so being disconnected from all the news and even social media was greatly appreciated.  I packed my plates, silverware, pot/pans, wine glasses etc and off we went; I know I am extra AF but I that's just whom I am ok? ok. thanks lol


So what should you pack if you decide to get adventorous and try this type of Airbnb out?

+ Throw blankets; it gets cold
+ Rain jacket
+ Hiking shoes
+ Towels; not provided
+ Comfy clothes
+ Chanclas/sandals for your out door shower
+ Water; they have some but you don't want to run out
+ Mosquito Repellent
+ Wash cloth ( to clean up)
+ Sunscreen
+ Hat
+ A good pan to boil water
+ Tea/coffee/hot chocolate; she offers coffee in shipping container
+ Wood! We had extra at home so we brought our, or just go around the woods and find some :)
+ Lighter/matches
+ A cooler; this airbnb had a mini fridge but we still needed a cooler (don't forget the ice)
+ Snacks
+ Aluminum foil
+ salt & pepper/ other condiments
+ cooking spray/oil
+ A good book
+ Hammock
+ Nail polish/face mask: girls, this is great time to do your nails without messing them up.
+ scissors
+ Speaker/music player
+ Sweater/ cozy cardigan
+ Things to make S'mores and the metal stick
+ Portable phone charger (just in case)
+ A flash light
+ 2 Trash bags; just in case
+ A good ass attitude LOL

So What did We do?

We never get bored, I feel as if now as an adult getting bored is a luxury and means that you lack purpose. There is always something to do as long as you are open minded.  Three days of laughing, yummy cooked meals, relaxation, enjoying the pups, reading and just letting the mind be free of social media and time felt amazing.  In the morning we would wake up freshen up and I would make us a fresh cup of coffee.  Ismael would make the bed, take the pups to pee and play music. We would then make breakfast, clean up, play with the pups and just let the day decide.  We really didn't use this time to just lay in bed but actually unwind and enjoy ourselves. 

The first day we cooked inside and the rest of the days we cooked outside with wood; that was really fun.  It is truly a team effort and being married to a guy whom is my best team player makes all the difference.  I observed how happy and calm Ismael was and it filled me with a warm cozy feeling.  We were both coming from a very stressful week even on the ride to the Airbnb; I was on a two hour meeting over the phone. Once we arrived we shut everything off our minds and made the best of it all.

( We heated up water as the rainwater system was not yet hooked up for summer.  It was so warm and  brought back memories from Mexico.  I LOVED IT! )

Making Memories...

"We should do this more often" is what Ismael told me on our way back.  Doing fun things in familia creates memories for everyone.  I could only imagine going on this kind of trips with children.  I hope you find this inspirational and venture into your state and see what fun things you can do without having to travel far.  We did not moved the truck from the day we arrived and did not felt the need to go anywhere but right where we were.

Magical side...

On day one we always set up the space, add our own touch to it. I have always done this.  Love throw blankets, candles, string lights, throw pillows etc.  Bring magic into a place and make it your own.  I told Ismael "I have this crazy idea" of this photo and he replied "thanks to your crazy ideas we are here" and that response will forever stay in my heart.

Our last morning was rainy, cold yet perfect.  We enjoyed a fresh cup of coffee while we sat in the container looking out the half open garage door listening to the rain and having a reflective conversation.  More beautiful and unique memories made. 

With this I will say follow your heart and do whatever it is you thrive off.  Do it unapologetically, do it with heart and do it well.  Thank you for reading, take care. 




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  2. You guys are soooo cute! I love this blog!

  3. That last picture with you two in it, got me!!! I felt how grounding this trip was. The place is such a cutie. Thank you for your time to share your thoughts, your vibes, your precense, your positivity. That's empowering. Namaste.��


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