San Miguel De Allende, Mexico


Second time visiting this absolutely unique city, San Miguel de Allende el Corazon de Mexico.  It is another Magical Town like Real De Catorce.  This city was on my moms top list of places to visit so we made it happen and took her along with other family member to experience this beautiful and unique city.

San Miguel de Allende is known for its Colonial and Spanish architecture.  Its unique Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel with a gothic architecture was a creation of Zeferino Gutierres.  The legend says Gutierrez was inspired by Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and used only a post card photo as inspiration.

Here are some cool facts about San Miguel De Allende:

+ No car needed to get around.  Walk freely through its beautiful cobblestone streets.
+ In 2008 the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site
+During the day is pretty hot and chilly at night; take a jacket!
+All buildings must follow strict rules on exact pain color/tone; if you deviate slightly you get penalized and must change color within days of notice.
+It is often described as the culinary capital of Mexico

Hacienda el Santuario

When we first visit in early October in 2017 we stayed in the most unique and beautiful hacienda like hotel, Hotel Hacienda el Santuario.  I found it yet again using hashtags on Instagram.  This place transmits peace, earth feels, freedom, calmness, and a timeless feeling.  We booked the master suite on our first visit.  On our most recent visit we booked a room with two beds since my niece was with us; just as cozy as the first stay.   The spa was a nice touch but found it not as peaceful as I would have liked.  The stay comes with breakfast and wow what a breakfast!  Staff is professional, kind and very welcoming.

On our first visit in October 2017 the city was covered in Dia de Muertos decors which is one of my favorite Mexican holidays.  Visiting the second time in December was even more beautiful with all the Christmas decors.  I do feel no matter the time if visit this city will always enchant you.


What we did:

cafecito de la ventana /window coffee
Quince Restaurant Rooftop) with a beautiful view of the cathedral
+ Hire Mariachi in the plaza at night time! 
Mercado Ignacio Ramirez : more for locals (food/vegetables etc) but nice to experience
+ In October we ate lots of nieve de guarrafa/ home made ice cream.
Zenteno coffee shop (my favorite! cozy full of pueblo vibe)
+La Mezcaleria: very chill place
Panio: yummy bakery
+Don Taco Tequila ; vegan tacos were yumm
La Coronela Bar (with more music and ambiance than La Mezcaleria)

To be completely honest San Miguel is a city you are best walking around and letting the city surprise you!  Walk down that little street, get lost, find yourself then wander off again.  You will stumble upon some cute cafés, do some shopping, feeling hungry? go up to that taco stand or google a near by recommendation chances are you are only a 10 min walk away.  I LOVE WALKING! when I first visited Tulum, Maye wanted to ride the jeep and I was like hell to the no! let's walk! haha it is the BEST way in my opinion to fully experience any place; so put your walking shoes on. 

( Stripped Poncho: here, black hat: On SALE! HERE )

My niece had never been to Mexico, she had no idea how pesos worked.  Maye and I were so happy to show her how to count, to be independent, show kindness, say please and thank you, and to overall gain self confidence; we find that as her padrinos it is our duty to guide her and teach her the culture of our beautiful Mexico.

( Hat: Lack of Color )
(My niece and my husband buying hand made wood donkeys) 

( Nieve de garrafa over any other fancy store ice cream!) 
( La cara de mi lindo Mexico y su gente trabajadora)
( From 2017)

Do I enjoy visiting a place again?

Absolutely, there is always a feeling of comfort knowing you are returning to a place you've been to before yet again allowing yourself to venture in deeper to know more of the place.  The key is to rediscover and wander into new areas.  Like Tulum I find San Miguel to be a place I will continue to return to.


Hope you enjoyed this post, it definitely helped me relieve anxiety and feel very fortunate and lucky to have travel to such beautiful place.  




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