Mental Health Getaway


As I am sure you have heard on the news, social media, and just about anywhere our planet Earth is shifting on the daily.  Since the start of 2020 and COVID-19 it seems as we all wanted to skip forward to 2021 and skip all these "bad" news that keeps hitting us like a marathon.  I too reflected... 2020 is the year that has awaken feelings I have never felt before.  Uncertainty, loneliness, fear, anxiety and lots of sadness.  Loosing my grandmother tipped my cup and I almost lost my mental health.  I say almost because I took charge and kept pushing; she would have wanted me too.  Lately I remember my grandmother so much at nights.

 Not to forget the rising of the BLM movement; a much needed humanity movement that WE ALL needed in one way or another.  In conclusion all this shit feels heavyyyyyyy! I told Ismael let's head to the beach Saturday and just take a break from all that is happening.  It was all we both needed and more; cute memory... Wrightsville Beach was the first beach we visited alone when we were dating ^_^.

( What a time to be alive LOL) 

Ismael and I have never been the type that just stays all day at the beach.  I mean NEVER! So for us to stay the whole day since the morning enjoying a peaceful beach day it really says how much we needed it.  We left home pretty early and before 10am (2 hr 20 min drive) we were already walking the beach stores around Wrightsville Beach; East Coast baby! For any new readers joining us, I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

One of my favorite things about this beach is how chill and laid back it is.  People riding their bikes, others exercise, people getting morning coffee, I just LOVE mornings at the beach.  First stop for us was breakfast, we had some delicious açaí bowls from Adapt Kitchen.  We then paid $25 for an all day parking; TIP! come as early as you can, pick your parking and then go explore before heading to beach or whatever you plan to do, parking is very limited.

As we headed to the beach I imagined it being fairly empty due to the current situation. WRONG! It was packed! assuming lots of people needed the mental break as well.  It was nice to see how we all enjoyed the beach together; all races/ethnicity and skin color. :)

The convenience of being at this beach is that you can walk to the stores, restaurant, bathrooms, etc and return to the beach.  Ismael kept telling me me how convenient it was and how much he was enjoying this day.  I even felt like swimming! which I rarely get in the ocean but this was part of my mind shift (I am working on), not to mention so I am going to get bikini wax in a few days andddd if you can't shave bikini area LOL! I had a few areas that were not "clean" but I said fuck it and got in the ocean.  Now, days later I have a happy memory of swimming in the ocean with my husband since forever and those whom might have seen a few non "beauty " hairs have forgotten about me.  Moral of the story: do you boo! and learn to LIVE life.

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