I miss traveling so in my attempt to keep my wanderlust side alive let's continue the honeymoon travel series.  We left off coming from Santorini, so make sure to check that post out if you have not already.  While planning our Europe trip I couldn't decide if I could make Mykonos fit in to our already tight schedule.  So I made the decision of cutting a day out of Santorini so we could spend one night in Mykonos.  After all it was the "party Island" and we were on our honeymoon. lol

Departing from Santorini we took a ferry boat to Mykonos Island.  I booked our tickets using Ferry Hopper; make sure to pick up your tickets at one of their collection points, usually by the ferry.   The ride I believe was just a little over 2 hours.  Boarding the ferry has got to be one of the most unique/annoying experiences we've had.  Poor directions, and you literally walk into the giant ferry as they open the big doors,  follow by finding a place to put our luggage on a rack and walk up the stairs in circles until you find your seat X 500 people doing this at the same TIME! LOL

(Little Venice in Mykonos Town)

Mykonos is a Greek Island known as "The Island of The Winds" and it holds up to its name as the winds are pretty wild.  This Island is very well known among the LBG Community as it is very welcoming to them.  Mykonos is also very well know for its party night life making it a very popular destination among young travelers.  I would 100% agree with that as the one night experience we had was a mix of chill ambiance vibes and a little of "party".  I will say Mykonos hold ups to a high end style of partying; from my one night experience.  

Where We Stayed:

Since we were going for only one night we decided to book this Airbnb located on the peek mountain overseeing Elia Beach about 10km south of Mykonos Town.  I communicated with Hara, the host and she provided pick up transportation from the Ferry to the Airbnb for a reasonable price.  We actually paid another Airbnb host for transportation in Rome; highly recommend to get the hassle of finding the Airbnb out of the way.  If we were staying longer and had booked in advance I would have totally stayed in Cavo Tagoo, that place looks dreamy!

It was a one bed apartment in a building that shared an infinity pool with other Airbnb guests.  There was a lovely couple from Spain and a group of wild bachelorette girls.  As soon as we arrived we jumped in the pool and chilled for 2-3 hours before we headed to Mykonos town for sunset.  The pool had an amazing view!

Night View from our Airbnb


As soon as we arrived we talked to the host and asked for car rental suggestions.  If you can drive shift stick pleaseee get a car rental.  She contacted someone and they delivered the car right to our Airbnb.  Apparently the Taxis are very limited in Mykonos and trying to get one is extremely hard.  As we drove we could see people lined up waiting for the bus; in like 100F sunny no clouds type of weather.  I felt oh so very thankful for my husband!!! ( do your research, this could have changed)

What to do:

After a refreshing dip in the pool we got ready and headed to one of Mykonos jems and by far one of Ismael favorite cocktail lounge bar. 180 Sunset Bar, with one of the most epic sunset views we have witness and by far the most yummiest cocktail we both have tried; the price tag came along with it lol.  Ensure to make a reservation if you wish to have a sitting area as we weren't aware that reservations needed to be made and left wishing we experienced that; another 
reason to return.  
Mykonos sunset bar
Windmills are a distinction of Mykonos Island; built by the Venesians in the late 16th century to mill flour. 

Shoutout to the best Instagram Husband! 
( Dress is by Windsorstore sandals: Dune London )

After the Sunset bar we were starving and headed to Mykonos Town and had some very affordable and delicious giros.  After a full happy belly we walked Mykonos Town and it was DREAMY! night time is my favorite and Mykonos made me fall in LOVE with it.  Here is where I knew Mykonos for me was a win over Santorini.  The white washed streets, the beautiful bougainvillea everywhere, the not crowded cozy streets and just its overall vibe.  People also felt more welcoming and friendly; they seemed overall happier.

We walked pass a bar that had hookah's and we decided to stop for a drink in this very Marrakech lounge bar.  Right in front of us were designer stores and people passing by enjoying the night.  While walking around we stubble upon a very humble looking jewelry store, with a few drinks in Maye began to make conversation with the jeweler.  We found out one of his best friends whom was an artist was from Mexico and lived in Mykonos for years before passing away.  This is where I got my infinity ring I wear all the time on my left thumb; Maye also got a black stone ring, he too wears all the time.  Happy we always have a little piece of Mykonos with us.

We then decided to head to one of Mykonos most famous spot, Scorpios.  This place has a restaurant, beach club, live music and have a reconnect with yourself vibe.  It's ambiance reminded me of Tulum.  We grabbed a drink and followed by exploring around as this place is quite large.

Realized we do did not take many photos together :( 
Scorpios Beach lounge area.  

After Scorpios we headed back to our Airbnb as we were pretty tired and still wanted to wake up early to explore the town during day light before heading to Italy.  As we were driving back we saw a couple trying to catch a taxi and obviously no one told them how hard it was to get one.  I asked Maye to go back and give them a ride.  They were soo thankful!! and to our surprise they were another married couple traveling Europe who were heading out in the morning as well...only difference is we dropped them off at another beach night club LOL! (it was 2am and they had a 6am flight TF! haha)

The next morning we woke up bright and early to pack up and explore the city in daylight.  Our flight departure time was 8:45pm so we had plenty of time to explore.

( Mykonos cats! están por todos lados)

It can't get prettier than this!

If you are wondering where to eat I don't have much to share as we only stayed one night and ate giros on both days.  We felt they were convenient, fast, reasonable price and overall super yummy and filling.  At first we tried to eat in Little Venice but left the table once seated as the restaurant was full, waitressed were stress and Maye was hungry AF to deal with all that.  

I would highly suggest trying the greek salads, so yummy and refreshing!  Mykonos is the type of town that planning is out of the window.  EXPLORE! get lost in the beauty of its white washed narrow streets and just admire its beauty.  I would suggest starting early as we did because the heat can be brutal.

The cute restaurant spot we left because #hungrymode lol!

The remainder of the day we had about 4 hours before heading to airport.  The car rental would be picked up by the guys there.  With such heat we saw a little local beach where it was obvious the tourist did not know of.  So we changed into our swimsuits in the back of the car and off we went.  The water felt amazing!  Unfortunately, we only took the GoPro and Maye accidentally deleted ALL the footage from our Europe trip; still super bummed about it.

We than laid the clothes on the roof of the car and took a nap on a shaded area.  We changed and headed to the airport conversation about how we needed to come back one day.

Overall Mykonos is a place we will for sure visit again! we were pretty sad we only booked one night yet blessed that I made this stop fit into our tight travel schedule as it allowed us to experience this beautiful Island.  If you are ever in Greece make sure you add this to your travel destination.  It will forever be on our top favorite places we have visited. 

Follow along as we head to Positano, Italy on the next honeymoon travel series. Thank you for reading.



  1. I am in love!!! Mykonos looks breathtaking!

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