Traveling First Class with QATAR Airways


I will admit I had always wanted to travel first class, but not the kind where you sit in the front roll of the plane.  I wanted the FULL fancy AF first class experience, the one that you get a bed and they give out champagne etc.  So I bought myself a first class ticket with Qatar Airways.  Could I have spend my money in something else? absolutely, but this is MY life and as long I live I will do what makes ME happy.  Let me tell you how boujee and fancy AF I got haha!

Last year I traveled to Bali, Indonesia, alone.  I flew from RDU to JFK (New York), JFK to Doha, Doha to Denpasar.  A total of 3 flights that equaled 24 hrs with 2 minutes; the longest flight I have ever been in.  Some would double consider it before booking a flight this long, but that is the beauty of my mentality; I focus on the outcome and for me visiting Bali and creating such unique memories was worth 24hrs of travel.

Once I arrive to RDU things we're getting complicated.  My flight got delayed... twice.  
The flight in New York  to Doha was my first class ticket and if I missed that flight there was no guarantee I would get first class on the next available flight.  Safe to say I was loosing my shit. LOL.  But thankfully the universe worked its magic and as soon as I arrived to JFK (which I had never been to) I grabbed my carry on and ran across the airport.  I had no idea I needed to get on an air train and in order to get on this train I needed to EXIT the airport and ensure not to get off in the wrong exit or I would be in plain city of New York! Thankfully I made it just in time.

From the moment of checking in you get such a wonderful courteous service.  TOP NOTCH service! I walked to the counter and they tell me they can check in my bag, I didn't wait in line, nice red carpet to stand on LOL! etc. & So it's time to board the plane.

I was on first group to be seated, and as soon as I steped on the plane the flight attendant asked me for my suite number.  She followed by saying "welcome Mrs. Martinez" walked me to my Qsuite and guided me to the process.  Offered to get me a drink (I took the cocktail, I know shocker LOL), she also gave me a fresh scented damp towel to freshen up a bit and handed me the menu options.  Not to forget how put together she looked while I looked like chimpuda me aka underdressed for this flight.

Inside of me I was screaming of excitement!!! everyone around me looked so fancy and there I was haha! (no shame).  Here are few of the things my Q suite offered:😎
  • a personal mini fridge
  • a mini desk
  • Chair that turned into a bed
  • feet rest
  • big t.v screen
  • Mini desk
  • Bose Water bottle
  • unlimited food (I ate it all) with very very beautiful presentation and the taste was superb! The culinary experience was the best.
  • a goodie leather bag with toiletries,
  • pajamas (yes...Pajamas) with chanclas
  • a blanket & pillow
  • bad ass headphones
  • ambient light
  • food tray table
  • pretty big television
  • Top notch quality service
  • A lot of space!

The Culinary Experience

O-M-G!! Qatar does culinary service so well.  For welcome drink I got a cocktail made of some infusions; very refreshing.  They gave me a menu to choose my meal and began to set up my table inside my Suite. Bien Perris yo! haha! I chose salmon with veggies, a glass of wine and some yummy dessert.  Eating dinner flying hundreds of miles in the air wile watching a movie with the ambiance lights..oh girl! I was living my dream.  

After feeling so full but you bet this girl se comio todo (grandma would be proud) I changed into the pijamas I pretty much paid for haha.  I didn't care if people saw me weird, I was going to use every bit of item/option/opportunity I was presented with; I even wore the chanclas. 

Once I returned the flight attendant asked if I would liked my bed made... ok wait a minute. I thought the chair reclining was the bed all ready to go; I was wrong!  haha so I took a refresher break and came back to my bed literally made.  The chair reclined all the way back, she added a fitted sheet, a full size pillow and a clean top sheet and blanket.... I could not believe it! I jumped into that bed asap, closed my little electronic door and watched a movie as I fell asleep in a cloud.  Best sleep I have EVER had on an airplane. 

Since I flew overnight, I slept most of the trip and was waken up by "good morning" knock on my door.  Flight attendant woke me up in time for me to freshen up and order breakfast.  She brought me a cappuccino and that has been the best cappuccino I've had.  I had my mini little strawberry spread, bread pastries etc.  I could have easily shared it with someone else but no food was going to be wasted on my watch.  One of the things I remember very well is the privacy and the genuinely friendly and professional staff.  You could tell everyone went through a strict training.


If you have the means to travel first class and its something you are interested in;  at least once I suggest you do it!  It was an experience like no other.   Being able to experience that level of luxury travel meant something to me and I felt very happy being able to accomplish it.  However being completely honest I would have enjoyed it way more if Ismael was there.  The Qsuites in the middle aisle can be connected making it a big Qsuite, perfect for honeymooners.

Tip: I bought an economy ticket and was offered a first class upgrade at a discounted rate  a couple of days before departure.  If you feel like you might pull the trigger be on the look out. 

The only negative I give the experience is how short the 16 hour flight felt haha!

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